8 May 2017

Made in Global

WHAT Made in Global 
WHEN  8th May 2017 
WHERE  Online

" MADE IN GLOBAL because we couldn’t find the products we wanted, designed the way that we wanted, at a feel-good price. We looked for the unicorn: elegant, minimalist accessories, devoid of logos and excess, and made from really good leather leather shaped into cool, contemporary silhouettes. We knew that there must be others like us – independent thinkers who wanted the best craftsmanship and design that would blend seamlessly with individual style" 

In a refined colour palette, MADE IN GLOBAL products are flawlessly crafted from the softest, most carefully selected skins in Florence’s best factories. Upholding generations of craftsmanship tradition, these factories have experience creating for the world’s oldest luxury houses. Our utility-focused designs are functional modern classics that go beyond seasons and trends, defined by bold shapes, clean lines, hand-polished hardware and subtle detailing. You will always find the right piece for your lifestyle, aesthetic, location or destination - or just to elevate your everyday.

" MADE IN GLOBAL as it reflects our story as founders. From our hometowns in England and Argentina, we moved to the capital cities, London and Buenos Aires. Serendipitously, we met in Rio de Janeiro and had the luck to live in Brazil before our journey took us to Miami and New York, where we worked in media, and then back to London again where MADE IN GLOBAL is also based." 

Philips Avance Collection Centrifugal Juicer

WHAT Philips Avance Collection Centrifugal Juicer
WHEN  8th May 2017 
WHERE  Online

Designed to separate the juice from the pulp, leaving you with a smooth, clear drink.  What I love the most about it is the #HealthyHabitSwap focuses on the everyday benefits of juicing and starting new habits, so we can make healthy habits for life. 

Philips juicers allow juicing to be a convenient healthy habit that young professionals and families can fit into a busy lifestyle, and the Philips Avance Collection Centrifugal Juicer features unique Fiberboost technology, allowing for 50% more fibres in your glass for a more wholesome juice.

This is the best jucier our family has had! The previous juciers we've got are much cheaper than this one. So you get what you pay for. I would reccomand this jucier for people who just started jucing, so you have an idea on how a good jucier functions(I started jucing with a jucier that wans't good at all and I thought it was good).

 I opened the box today and was very impressed with the quality of the materials that were used to manufacture this juicer. The plastic canopy is heavy duty and the cutter with foil filter is of the highest quality.

I am drinking juices every morning without fail. Get to Aldi to get your fresh fruit and veg, find some basic recipes and you're away. I highly recommend trying oranges and mint juice, anything with beetroot or carrots in and coriander works so amazingly well in the juicer and I've only had it a month.

New Globe Traveller

WHAT New Globe Traveller
WHEN  8th May 2017 
WHERE  Online

World’s first range of eco-friendly luxury products made from upcyled materials, where every purchase means a scholarship for an underprivileged child New Globe Traveller is creating the world's first range of high-quality handmade products made from upcyled leather and tyre tubes. 

 The world’s first One for One, One to One business model, where not only is a child’s education supported for a year on every premium purchase, but a meaningful connection is formed between the buyer and the child through the exchange of photographs and online updates.

The products are designed in the UK and manufactured by one of India’s pioneering upcycling companies. Humankind dumps 2.12 billion tonnes of waste each year and New Globe Traveller are determined to be part of the solution. 

Their approach is set to challenge the preconception that ethical products must be lacking in style or quality. Each luxury bag is hand-made from high quality leather pieces that are sourced from leading leather factories.

The project launches on Kickstarter  with New Globe Traveller asking conscious consumers to “join a league of new heroes” by investing in products that are both luxurious and ethical.  www.newglobetraveller.com   

2 February 2017

Men's Paris Fashion Week: Paul Smith AW17

WHAT Men's Paris Fashion Week: Paul Smith AW17
WHEN  2nd February 2017 
WHERE  Online

Paul Smith's stylishly simple and effortlessly chic runway collection elevates recognisable British fashion to another level, with splashes of avian inspiration added into the mix.

Men's Paris Fashion Week: Kenzo AW17

WHAT Men's Paris Fashion Week: Kenzo AW17
WHEN  2nd February 2017 
WHERE  Online

It was all about keeping warm and cosy as Kenzo unveiled a collection that combines "wild protection with an urban sensibility" highlighted by fitted headgear, brightly coloured gloves and parkas that complement the bold cuts and vibrant ensembles. 

Men's Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin AW17

WHAT Men's Paris Fashion Week: Lanvin AW17
WHEN  2nd February 2017 
WHERE  Online

Trendy trenches ruled the runway at Lanvin's Fall/Winter '17 show as the maison presented a seasonal collection dominated by outerwear from large overcoats and ponchos to jumpers and sweaters, all in an autumnal palette of browns, greys and blues. 

Men's Paris Fashion Week: Dior Homme AW17

WHAT Men's Paris Fashion Week: Dior Homme AW17
WHEN  2nd February 2017 
WHERE  Online

It's a new age fashion invasion as Kris Van Assche presented a collection that fuses classic Dior signature styling with an edgy streetwear aesthetic. 

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