22 July 2014

Prince Cassius and Domenico Dolce at the D&G London Party

WHAT Prince Cassius and Domenico Dolce at the D&G London Party
WHEN  22nd July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Prince Cassius and Domenico Dolce at the D&G London Party '

So honoured to have met one of my fashion icons Domenico Dolce at the D&G party in London. He came up to me and complimented my hair - he said he needs some and we laughed together - how incredible.  We chatted for a while and we both wanted a photo of one another. One of the best highlights in my life! Team D&G x

20 July 2014

Prince Cassius on Tatler

WHAT Prince Cassius on Tatler
WHEN  21st July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Prince Cassius on Press: Tatler Online '

Introducing Beadstheater Bracelets

WHAT Introducing Beadstheater Bracelets
WHEN  21st July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Preppy Bracelets from Beadstheater '

This summer preppy mens bracelet are a must as an accessories and I've found a brand that caters for all. 
I recently came across a fabulous bracelets which are awesome and I am loving the preppy Anchor bracelet trend. The term such as ‘mewellery’ is becoming popular and popular. Throughout this year we have seen bracelets take off and develop into a go-to accessory for style-conscious men. However, one bracelet style is currently head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of popularity: the beaded bracelet.The anchor bracelet are a hand woven by me with waxed nylon cord and one brass anchor. The bracelet closure is adjustable with a loop and a knot around the anchor. Ideal for both women and men to wear alone or combined with other bracelet. 



Beadstheater have such a selection that they offer versatility to adapt to a wide variety of looks. For example, the nautical preppy bracelet beads will give smart, tailored outfits an edge whilst dark & browns versions offer a natural, outdoors charm to heritage ensembles.




So there we have it, proof that bracelets can be a stylish, considered accessory choice for the modern gent. 
To purchase the awesome bracelets please click below:



Tox Leather a Leather of Luxury

WHAT Tox Leather a Leather of Luxury: Made in Istanbul
WHEN  20th July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Tox Leather a Leather of Luxury '

I recently came across the lovely Eser Dasdemir a designer and co-founder of TOX leather. Opulence and luxury are exerted from these classically reworked designs in exotic fabrics, each one brought alive with unique designs to inject both fun and vibrancy to your look.  Tox leather are recognised for their signature  simple and stylish designs. She uses simple deigns and material made from leather including the liner inside usually a 2mm thickness buffalo or cowhide leather . Her designs are something that every customer will be proud of showing off. 



Living in İstanbul and graduated from İstanbul University faculty of political sciences. I was always interested in fashion design, between times I was designing and producing clothes and accessories for myself. Such a day again I dreamed a leather bag and I wanted to make and i bought some cowhide leathers and made a bag for myself. İt was a simple bag but whereby my leather design story started thanks to this simple bag ! Started asking my friends,i made bags for they and i realized  i do not get tired just the opposite my energy is rising and relaxing when i spend time with leather goods. i never thought a work can make me this much happy and feels good .At that time i gave up all my political career, i decided to make leather designs. I opened my online shop and etsy shop a year ago , now i have a lovely atelier and shop in a historical building in heart of İstanbul.



My biggest motivations are customer messages and feedback, I think most important thing is happiness of customers. When i feel tired and reluctant i'm reading my costumers reviews and my motivation is rising.İ think happy costumers is more than important from earn money .İ can not forget my first feedback from one of my lovely costumer from Milano ,when i read it i was over the moon.  Turkey a good manufacturer of leather and leather exports an important country in the world so i'm very lucky to finding best leather for my designs. I'm choosing upper segment and organic dye leathers for all my designs.Likewise i'm using stainless steel accessories. All my products is completely handmade ,there is no machine in any stage of production.All stitches make with waxed thread ,this ensures durability and longevity.So every single product is unique, personal and limited editions. One of the best parts of working with leather; leather is durable for many years, my costumers will use it for many years maybe their children's will use for a vintage pieces. I'm making custom orders outside of sales products,this can be online talking or they can come to my workshop, i prefer to welcome to my workshop because it allows to choice leather with seeing,tapping and sniffing. The biggest handicap of online sales ,you can not show completely leather textures,thickness,smells,feeling in a photo.Most of my costumers says ' it's more beautiful than photographs' ,therefore customers must to trust your business ethics and i think i've succeeded it now.



Thank you again Eser!!

To Purchase click below and be sure to follow her on all the social media sites:

16 July 2014

Alexander McQueen x Kate Moss

WHAT Alexander McQueen x Kate Moss
WHEN  17th July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Alexander McQueen x Kate Moss '

 Kate Moss looks in these campaign images for the Spring/Summer collection from Alexander McQueen! That dress she is wearing is just sensational, sporting cropped yellow hair and wearing the gladiatorial style pieces straight off the catwalk. Kate is joined by a mini-Moss voodoo doll with the exact same hair and clothing.

Reiss AW14 Menswear

WHAT Reiss AW14 Menswear
WHEN  15th July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Reiss AW14 Menswear ' 

 Reiss is a know for a modern, global fashion brand offering stylish menswear now check out a sneak peak of the new AW collection. 
Here are my favourite pieces. Let me know your thoughts.


McQ Alexander McQueen AW14 Campaign

WHAT Alexander McQueen AW14 Campaign
WHEN  15th July 2014
WHERE  Online

' McQ Alexander McQueen AW14 Campaign '

The new campaign was shot by Karim Sadli for the McQ Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign shot on location in South West London neighbourhood.

Versace AW14 Collection

WHAT Versace AW14 Collection
WHEN  16th July 2014
WHERE  Online

' Versace AW14 Collection '

I'm totally loving Versace AW14 Collection, lets be honest what fashionista wouldn't. Rhetorical. The Versace Collection, combining formal styling and fashion appeal.

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