9 October 2010

Wholly Goat Cashmere Launch Party

WHAT Wholly Goat
WHEN 22st September 2010
WHERE  2 Bedforbury Gallery, Covent Garden

"The Finishing Look"

Recently I was invited to the launch of Wholly Goat.'Wholly Goat' produces a premium Cashmere for Brand identity which is environmentally conscious imported and produced in Nepal. Having the exclusively previewed both Autumn & Winter and Spring and Summer collection. 

I was taken, with how gorgeous and luxuriously light the scarves were yet so soft to enlighten the Nepalese origins of the cashmere. The prints and colours were vibrant, the use of bright florals and bold paisleys for the S/S collection yet the designs were so detailed with the direct reference to local landscapes of Nepal.
What attracted me to Wholly and Goat was how stunning and luxurious the cashmere were. I simply couldn’t keep my hands off the collection and I’m sure most people felt the same way. Although I adored all the collections my favorite ones were –
Wholly Goat will be showcasing its Spring Summer 2011 collection for the week of 21 September, at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden. Wholly Goat’s AW collection hit shelves across the UK next week and will be stocked in 7 boutiques. 
 The creative brain behind Wholly Goat was Idia Abakare. I had time to catch up with her during the launch. I asked her to describe her collection in three words "Free, Discovery, Adveture" which certainly sums up the collection.

As a fashionista im constantly looking to update and customise my style with great accessories. What attracted me to Wholly Goat was the combination of bold colours, hand made cashmere's, the gypsy traveler feel and bohemian look. I believe these days a men and women needs to customise their style. What Wholly and Goat offer, is certainly a unique feel and presence to one with the achievement of a high end brand and affordable prices. 

Wholly Goat who launched their product range this week. Please visit www.whollygoat.com for more gorgeous Cashmere with high quality that you certainly wont find anywhere else.

Amazing = 8/10

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