13 November 2010

Has a Posse

WHAT Has a Posse 
WHEN 29th October 2010
WHERE Soho House

Recently, I was invited to my dear friend "Has A Posse' at Soho House to celebrate Loulou success. Born in Cuckfield, Sussex where she grew up, the daughter of an interior designing French maman (Nicole) and an Irish father (Leo). Three brothers and two sisters taught her that You Must Create. Aged eighteen she traversed the land of rooibos tea and biltong on a gap year, it was during this time spent in South Africa that she discovered a love for handbags and leather. She studied fine art at the University of Reading. Then dropped out after a year as she found it “dull”. But she did start a hip hop club night called Fresh and there she started to build her posse.
Loulou moved to London seven years ago so that she could “watch the world go by”. Whilst she was watching she realised that she was entrepreneurial. She started a website last year to support up-and coming peers, artists and designers. She has a shop, a gallery, an events page and blog on there too. Loulou joined The Soho House group a few years ago and became a manager after eight months. One of her highlights was a GunsNRoses after-party.
Her creative family have continued to create with her sister, Camille Griffin, a script writer who is married to Ben Davis, a director of photography. Her brother Pierre Griffin is a graphic designer. Her other sister Phoebe is a writer.
Her love of fashion took her into London Fashion Week. Her love of art saw her collaborate with Still Remains, and in 2010 she showcased her range of womenswear and accessories in an eight-piece collection for the catwalk at Bloomsbury Ballrooms. She didn’t stop there. She ran a London Fashion and Art event at ICA. Artists included Ds Art, Sophie Morgan, Soozy Lipsey and Run Wild. Designers included Sally Pang, Peyrovi, Ana Ostrom, Blythe Ellen Mackintosh, Still Remains and Briar Rose.

Special Thanks to Has a Posse & Soho House & Elle Bastin & Gorgeous Loulou for a wonderful evening. 


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