9 November 2010

K-Swiss Launch

WHAT K-Swiss Launch
WHEN 4th November 2010
WHERE Dance Studio

Last Week, I was invited by K-Swiss for the new Launch of the Tubes. The breakfast launch exclusively allowed me to meet the AMAZING Deanne Berry - Say no more!

The K-Swiss Tubes Workout with Deanne aims to give you those with a fast pace life a versatile fitness workout that works for them, whenever they are, be it on an iPad, your phone, computer, or through a multimedia center via your TV with Friends in the front room.

 09.45 -  Arrival; fitted for Tubes!  
10.00 -  Intro: About the project - K-Swiss Tubes, workout , benefits of workout, where it will be available
10.15 -  Workout preview / Demo from Deanne.

During the launch selected people were ask to take part in a quick workout demo and i was one of them. The work out was quick, efficient and very effective. For someone like me with a fast paced life, i don't have time to workout but this the short, simple workout is certainly something that I'll apply every morning. 
Deanne and Me
Special Thanks to team Canoeinc, Chloe, Helen, Deanne Berry for a WONDERFUL morning. 

Superb 10/10

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