31 January 2011

Kirk Originals Launch

WHAT Kirk Originals 
WHEN 22nd January 2010
WHERE Kirk Originals, 6 Conduit Street, W1

" To The Future "

Recently I was invited to the Superb opening launch for Kirk Originals by the wonderful team from Bray Leino I instantly knew, I was expecting nothing less than a spectacular launch.

The launch was to celebrate the success of Kirk Originals and the opening of a gorgeous store in Conduit Street.  It certainly left me feeling excited. The turnout was spectacular so many guest had turned out, top bloggers, fashionistas and familiar faces from the art/ media industry. This was certainly a night NOT to have been missed. The creative and artistic look of the store certainly gave that 'New Edge' we've all been waiting for. It certainly added the futuristic factor onto the store. Having finally met Jason and Karen I was instantly drawn to their personality and charm.

Overall the launch was a success. The Kirk family are certainly having big impact in the eye wear field and you certainly won't be able to miss the new stunning store located at Conduit Street.

I would kindly like to Jason, Karen, Mercedes and Davina for the support and for the invite as well as for the Kinetic Pair. 

Photos courtesy of Kirk Originals.

For more information please visit:


 Superb 10/10


WHAT P Diddy's Promo Party 
WHEN 22nd January 2011
WHERE London

Who is she Wearing? " DKNY Of course "

Recently we saw T4 Jameela Jamil attending P Diddy's UK album promotion party of "Last Train to Paris".
Internationally his parties are known for style and no exception were made where we saw Jameela Jamil dressed in the gorgeous DKNY Black/ Gold Resort Dress, she certainly stood out among others. She accessorized  the look with some maroon suede wedges, black leather jacket to create that rock mets glam look- neither-less she looked gorgeous in DKNY.

 Gorgeous Dress & Gorgeous Designer 10/10

21 January 2011

Kirk Originals EXCLUSIVE Interview

WHAT Kirk Originals 
WHEN 22nd January 2010
WHERE Kirk Originals, 6 Conduit Street, W1

" Beauty lies in the eyes of Kirk Originals "

EXCLUSIVE Interview:

The new Kirk Originals store has been the talk of the town, opening its flagship on Conduit Street. We are so lucky to appreciate the exclusivity as the store will consist of the full Kirk Originals collections in the whole world.
With the futuristic and artistic store design the collection does not disappoint but stamps Kirk Original on the map forever to stay. The interior are super modern, super chic as well as the frames. 

Before we start I just want to thank you (not in the interview obviously) for your enthusiasm and support for Kirk Originals. We greatly appreciate it and are really looking forward to meeting you. JK
(Sweet words that I had to use - I do heart KO) 

How would you sum up Kirk originals into 3 words?
 irreverent, individual, inLondon (I cheated, a little)

What's the story behind the brand?
Jason's grandfather, Sidney Kirk, and his brother Percy, were optical designers, true pioneers who changed the whole eyewear industry in the 1920s and 1930s. They were the first optical company to have motorbike couriers to speed up delivery and the first to have a dedicated publicity department. Jason's Dad was an optician but the profession did not appeal to the next generation until, when helping his Dad clear out his practice, he discovered boxes of beautiful 1950s and 60s frames that Sidney and Percy had designed. Together with Karen, a graphic designer by trade, they set about creating a unique style based on the work and principles of Kirk Brothers, notably that they would never launch a product unless it brought something new to the market. 
What are/ were your inspirations?
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Rarely from fashion, it is usually from attitudes. We enjoy taking an oblique approach to design. It is a challenge creating something new, trying to inject fire into an industry traditionally seen as conservative and ultimately making something that people LOVE to wear. I never accept "well, if I have to wear glasses I would want to wear these" - we want to create a feeling of excitement every time you reach for your eyewear.

Im in love with the kinetic collection and believe its "The Hottest Eye Wear in Town" - may I ask if you have a favorite?
Thank you. I love the Chip from the Kinetic Collection too. I am a sucker for the skull motif....the lenticular imagery makes it disappear like a ghost and then re-appear in flames.

Who would you like to see wearing KO?
You, of course. And then if we were invited to pick someone else ...... It is always gratifying to see the stars in Kirk Originals. It is always lovely to see my heroes whose music shaped my youth but, above all, it is the most gratifying when you meet a normal every day shopper whose face lights up when they put on a pair of our glasses. If you are going to push me to name one person......Prince, a true talent, a maverick genius who ploughs his own furrow and makes his own independent decisions. I have a lot of respect for him.

The layout of the store is so creative - where did the concept come from?
Karen and I worked with a superb design company called CampaignDesign. We wanted to bring the glasses to life, to give them a personality with which you can have a relationship. It is not often you hear people talking about their eyewear with the same affection as you do a favourite shirt or well loved shoes but some of our frames even have their own Facebook accounts and you can befriend them....and get a good conversation out of them!

Do you see yourself expanding in the future and abroad?

Definitely and in the not too distant future. Kirk Originals already sell in 45 countries but we want to increase our retail presence and try to change the way that people buy eyewear....a bit like Sidney and Percy.

What are the 3 items you could live without?
Friendship, enthusiasm and hope. We are not very materialistic. We love a buzz, things going on, excitement.
Do you want three physical objects? OK. A chess set. A pencil. A challenge. (Is that two and a half?)

A special THANK YOU to Jason and Karen for the wonderful answers as well the amazing Mercedes and Davina.

For more information please visit the amazing site at: 


20 January 2011

Herring Shoes

WHEN 20th January 2010
WHERE London

" Living in My Shoes " 

A couple of months ago, browsing through my friends press day photo from Chase PR. I encountered some gorgeous shoes which left me speechless. Instantly, I developed a strong attraction for this particular shoes. Not only was the shoes iconic and fashionable, I could tell it was hand made and oozed with charm and quality.  Later on, I did my research and found out that this was one of many gorgeous pieces from the Herring Collection.
Herring Shoes is an English family business which was started in 1966 by Richard Herring. Its purpose to supply the general public with top quality shoes from English manufactures such as Barker, Church’s, Cheaney & Loakes with service to match through its retail shops.
In recent years customers worldwide have been able to take advantage of this unique selection of quality men’s shoes via the internet.
We also retail our own ‘Herring’ brand of footwear which is tailored to today’s needs with fantastic style and value, created from years of inside knowledge of the English Hand crafted shoe trade.

Over the years Herring Shoes have built close relationships with many of the Northampton manufactures working directly with Mr Nicholas Loake, William Barker & the Church Family.

The Herring range is made to the exact needs of our customers & by working direct with the factories we achieve unique styles. Sometimes we use existing stock models & improve on the specification by adding additional features, changing sole units or sourcing higher quality leathers for the uppers. On other occasions we have the opportunity to create our own individual designs & styles which set us & our customer apart from the crowd.

When Adrian Herring decided to send the pair, I was so happy. Here are some photos from the shoot:

Many Thanks to Adrian, Herring team & Chase PR

Fore more information about Herring Shoes please visit: Herring Shoes



Police Eyewear

WHAT Police Blue Eyewear Collection 
WHEN 20th January 2011
WHERE Sanctum Hotel, London

Boys in Blue

I was invited to the launch party of label Police unveiled their Sun 2011 ‘Blue Lens’ Collection which place at The Sanctum Hotel in Soho, London. I have always been a fan of Police eye wear and watches. So this was a wonderful experience to meet up close and personal Bruno Palmegiani (founder of Police) and Maria Battaglia (PR Coordinator) were on hand to share their comprehensive knowledge of the brand. Both Maria and Bruno were truly wonderful characters and spiced up the night. Having a one on one with them both allowed me to understand more about the brand that I've always liked as well as seeing the creative talent behind it all.

In essence, the new collection celebrates the timeless and iconic Police Eye wear to create outstanding classic look yet so fashionable. 

Photo credit: Opticialonline.net

Peckham Rye

WHAT Peckham Rye
WHEN 20th January 2011
WHERE 11 Newburgh Street - Carnaby, London, W1F 7RW

The Secret Discovery

Last Year, I discovered a magnificent store off Carnaby street London "Peckham Ryes". The brand traces back to mid eighteenth century London in Peckham Rye.

Charles tailoring career began when he was just 14 years, enlisting in the post Napoleonic British Army in 1854. Charles was both a boy solider and tailor to the 7th Royal Fusilier regiment and upon discharge returned to his Peckham Rye 1878, where he continued his skill - to cut top coats and trousers for London gentlemen, marking patterns out on newspapers quill and all.

With exquisite accessories, ties, scarves that continues from all their family traditions from several of generation of great tailoring. Peckham Rye's loyal and frequent customers are based from Savile Row. What attracted me to the store was the quality of goods, the cuts on the accessories are magnificent yet it remains so true to the London gentleman look. 

It is with a sense of pride that they continue their family tradition to deliver exceptional pieces of exceptional people. The shop is located on 11 Newburgh Street - Carnaby, London, W1F 7RW.  Any man with great taste and loves ties, accessories and a great bow ties the shop is certainly worth visiting.  Update your look and stand out in the crowd.

Telephone : +44 (020) 7734 5181


Thanks to all the special gents that invited us to the store. We SHALL be seeing you very soon. 

Superb Quality 10/10

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