1 March 2011

Gok Wan Interview

WHAT Gok Wan collaborates with Specsavers
WHEN 1st March 2011
WHERE The Soho Hotel, London

" Gok Wan new collection Specsavers "   
Last Week, I was invited to interview Gok Wan and view his new range for specsavers at The Soho Hotel. 
Since buying his first pair of fake specs in Topman as a teen, Gok Wan hasn’t looked back – the TV stylist known for his trademark bold specs has just designed his first collection of eyewear and we caught up with him to get the lowdown!

Inspired by bygone eras, Gok’s unisex collection of retro styles includes everything from bold Buddy Holly style frames to multicoloured cateyes and tiny John Lennon-like designs, and boasts something for every fashion lover: “The glasses are for absolutely everyone or, rather, anyone that wants to make a style statement with their specs.”

How did you first realise that glasses could be a fashion item? What made you come to that conclusion?
Gok: I’m quite lucky that I live in a fashion environment in Europe where glasses and eyewear have always been a respected accessory – they haven’t always been used for optical reasons. I suppose glasses were really, for me, invented in the ’20s and ’30s and so I kind of grew up adoring the old black and white movies, the old Hollywood movies, where glasses were always part of a woman’s outfit or even a guy’s outfit and so I’ve always known it. I think in Europe our attitude towards glasses is slightly different.
My first pair of glasses was when I was probably about 15. They were my dad’s from the 1950s and I’ve still got them. I didn’t need glasses then and they had his prescription in. I used to go clubbing in these glasses and fall over and hit the wall and trip on the steps because I couldn’t see properly. Then I bought a couple of fake pairs when I was in my teenage years. I didn’t get prescription glasses until I was 28. So I’ve always had them as part of my uniform.

How do you decide which pair to wear?

It depends on what I’m wearing , depends on the colour, depends what mood I’m in. When I’m feeling like a real boy I’ve got my boy glasses, when I’m feeling a bit girly I wear my girly ones, when I’m feeling a bit Chanel, I’ve got my Chanel ones.

How many pairs do you have?

Gok: About 140-ish. Ish.
So what was the inspiration behind this collection?'
Gok-'My main sources of inspiration were taken from different iconic era's such as the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's and I looked at old movie star icons for inspiration also, such as Audrey Hepburn, David Bowie and James Dean. This then given with a more modern twist resorted in me drawing over 400 glasses!! The hardest part was choosing between all my 'babies' (Gok's term for his glasses) and to narrow it down to only 30. That's a toughie for sure!'

What is your favourite thing Gok about your job'? 
Well I think the main obvious point is helping people (mainly woman), feel wonderful and fabulous about themselves. There is nothing better than when I am filming 'Naked' (How to look Good Naked) and seeing a woman transform from a very shy, insecure person to being vibrant, confident and just so overwhelmed and happy by her new look! I want to inspire these beautiful woman of all ages, sizes and races to just feel amazing and to make the most of what they have you know? It sounds cheesy but it's about helping others and inspiring them.'

“I think that we as fashionistas will accept any accessory, we’re like magpies - we want everything! And why not fabulous glasses too?”

“There are so many rules; if you’ve got a round face wear a square frame, if you’ve got a long face wear a round frame to balance proportion...

For more information and purchase please visit: http://www.specsavers.co.uk/gok-wan/

Gorgeous collection - Superb 9/10

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