1 March 2011

What Your Style Says About You

WHAT Trends
WHEN 1st March 2011
WHERE London

" What Does You Style Say About You ?

Style, What Style?
All too often men take their style for granted. What does your personal style say about you? Maybe an old pair of comfortable baggy jeans, bag shirts sends the message that your ore relaxed or sloppy. It doesnt matter if you are just out grabbing a cup of coffee or heading over to hang with guy friends but I believe men should always make an effort.

Are You What You Appear to Be?
My mother always says first impression is formed almost instantly and is very difficult to overcome. The clothes you wear, ones image, hair style, facial hair and more. True or not but people are judgemental based on how you look. That image can be something you choose to create or something you inherit by default or always had.

Creating Your Own Style
If your trying to create your own style, first of all everyone should remain loyal and comfortable. People tend to say the first step is deciding what you want people to think of you but I disagree.When going through a change its always good to see your self slowly transcending and improving rather than dramatically. 

" My favourite the Preppy Look "

(L) Austin Reed Suit, (R) Smart Turnout London (B) Herring Slippers

" Rock Look "

" Relaxed Look "

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