10 March 2011

Why "WE LOVE Wrangler"

WHAT Wrangler " We Are Animals "
WHEN 10th March 2011
WHERE www.wrangler.com

  " Wrangler: We Are Animals " 

WE ARE ANIMALS is Wrangler Europe’s marketing communication platform.  

We Are Animals concept:
In today’s society, our animal instincts are suppressed by daily modern life, city-living and constant technological developments. Man is an animal, but he no longer knows it. Wrangler’s strategic and creative platform re-awakens our bottled-up instincts to encourage who and what we fundamentally are - by putting all that is pure, natural and instinctive back into Man. ‘We Are Animals’ is more than a campaign signature.
It is a statement of truth and long-term value for the brand that will be taken up for use by all EMEA countries. We Are Animals is a reflection of the new vision of the Wrangler brand, repositioning itself through instinct and emotion. Each campaign will run across EMEA, and will develop, substantiate and deepen this statement, reminding us that we are, before all else, animals.

We Are Animals 2010:
Wrangler’s 2010 advertising campaign Red is perhaps the most successful yet! Powerfully raw and visceral, the images capture men and women in the heat of the moment, saturated in red water or caught in a fury of red dust. The campaign won a plethora of European advertising awards: Gold at Cannes Lions, Gold at the London International Awards, Gold at Epica, and two Golds at Eurobest. Photographed by Jeff Burton, adrenaline, tension and passion scream out of each image, the elemental colour red fuelling emotions. Each character becomes an embodiment of man’s inner force unleashed, an animalistic alter ego on the rampage. The boiling energy of the males and females in the frame collides with this vibrant crimson to create an image of the Wrangler brand that you can almost hear, smell, taste, touch... as well as see. It can only mean one thing: We Are Animals. 

In 2010, We Are Animals took a bigger stake in the Digital arena. At
www.stopthinking.co.uk and the Wrangler Facebook page, consumers engaged with  Wrangler’s synapse-searing, adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle via two thrilling events: a sky dive and a drag race for lucky competition winners.  

Superb - 10/10

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