10 March 2011

Wrangler S/S11 Stunt' Campaign

WHAT Wrangler Stunt " We Are Animals "
WHEN 9th March 2011
  " Wrangler 'Stunt' Campaign" 

One of my favourite jeans brand Wrangler has revealed its new images for 2011 Spring/Summer season, which goes by the name of Stunt. A powerful, visceral campaign centred on a ‘Stunt’, the most action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled campaign yet in its exhilarating We Are Animals series.

What I love about the campaign are the way the characters are photographed in the legendary Paramount Studios in Los Angeles (a set used by Indiana Jones, Spiderman and The Godfather), the ‘Stunt’ campaign pushes Wrangler’s thrill-loving brand persona to the max, and tests the limits of what is possible in advertising.

The campaign were Shot on the ‘New York’ streets takes a new approach to the concept We Are Animals by a fit, strengthened Wrangler. The campaign We Are Animals comes packed with emotions. Each image is a high dose of adrenalin, tension and passion, with red as the basic colour. Each character becomes the personification of the inner strength of an unleashed man, a sweeping animal alter ego.


‘Stunt’ features real life Hollywood stunt people performing truly fearsome stunts. The danger, the explosions and the sheer daredevilry are captured in stunning images by the outstanding US-based photographer Cass Bird, and crew.
Wearing denim from Wrangler’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the two man, two woman stunt team...
• JUMPED through a 2nd storey WINDOW • DIVED clear of an EXPLOSION • FELL through a sheet of GLASS • RAN down a street while ON FIRE

The extraordinary images will launch across style magazines and European billboards in March 2011.

Wrangler and stunt people share a common history. Westerns were the original Action Movies and the first stunt people were rodeo riders - Wrangler’s earliest clientele. The new campaign reunites Wrangler, the original American adrenaline-fuelled denim brand, with stunt people – a breed of heroes who embody Wrangler’s message: We Are Animals.

An enthusiasm shared by the whole team, including photographer Cass Bird: “It is rare that I get commissioned in a commercial vain to have an experience as well as produce work that is equally adventurous and risk taking. The Wrangler ‘Stunt’ campaign required a lot of fearlessness and trust - qualities not often found in such projects.”

Genius - 10/10

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