5 April 2011

Diesel - Be Stupid is BACK!!

WHAT Diesel - Be Stupid Campaign
WHEN 5th April 2011
WHERE www.diesel.com
' Diesel - Be Stupid Campaign - Brought Back'

Love it or hate it any self respecting hipster fashionista will recognise the Diesel BE STUPID campaign from a mile off. Personally I really love it! I think it's such a fun, clever idea AND that's why im bringing it back here today!!!

Most of you probably already know the idea is based around that one sentence that makes your passion seem ridiculous and can crush your hopes and dreams, moreso if it comes from your mother. 'Don't be stupid'.
For those who think too much - STOP thinking and just do it, whatever 'it' may be. It's the thought that trying to think smart limits your thinking because it caps your imagination. Watch it, embrace it, Love IT!

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