22 April 2011

DKNY Easter hunt London Vs. New York

WHAT DKNY London Hunt
WHEN 22nd April 2011
WHERE www.dkny.com

 ' DKNY Easter Hunt London Vs. New York ' 

Happy Good Friday readers. Yesterday, I was invited to Bloggers DKNY Easter Egg hunt at the London store.

Easter is a great family holiday, to be spent with your closest relatives and friends. One of the best parts of any Easter celebration is a well planned Easter egg hunt – not only is the excitement but it gives them a means of working off all that energy garnered by the inevitable over consumption of chocolate.

DKNY Easter Hunt Extravaganza began at 3ish in the afternoon. Where both London bloggers and New York kept refreshing their phones to find clues from DKNY. We were given 15 clues and there were 15 eggs hidden around the three levels of the store. After the clues were announced everyone manically ran around to hunt and locate the 15 hidden eggs. Once we found the eggs we had to declare by taking a picture if the item and egg and tweet to dkny.

The Dkny hunt was such a good experience as well as for bloggers to get to know one another. I certainly had a superb time although I didnt win it was the taking part that counted. We were also served at the DKNY Bar some delicious homemade lemonade as well as gorgeous goodie bags and delicious chocolates courtesy of Thorntons chocolates.

London Fashion Bloggers at DKNY store in London and Liza

 A SPECIAL THANKS TO DKNY, Liza, DKNY London team, Thortons chocolate


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