30 April 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Directs Magnum Ice Cream

WHAT Karl Lagerfeld Directs Magnum Ice Cream
WHEN 30th April 2011
WHERE www.magnun.com

' Karl Lagerfeld Directs Magnum Ice Cream Ad Featuring Rachel Bilson '

Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson have collaborated on an original film series inspired by Magnum Ice Cream. Also starring Baptiste Giabiconi.

One is the Photo Mood where she plays a model who is totally enjoying the Magnum Ice Cream bar. In other she is a famous ballerina with lots of success. The third Lagerfeld-directed short film features Bilson as a model.
Rachel Bilson says, “Karl Lagerfeld’s creative vision has always inspired me, and this series brings his concept of pleasure to life. The films capture the indulgence and luxury of Magnum ice cream. My character believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost, and that’s a perfect representation of the Magnum lifestyle – and my personal philosophy, too.”

Check out the video

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