21 April 2011

NEW Donna Karan iPhone app

WHAT NEW Donna Karan iPhone app
WHEN 21st April 2011
WHERE www.dkny.com

NEW Donna Karan iPhone app '

The iPhone will now have a designer’s touch to it with Donna Karan launching an application for the Apple device along with Atimi Software Inc. This innovative application features Karan talking on fashion and her personal interests.

Love, Love, Love is one such section that is updated regularly and it includes two must-haves, one from the Donna Karan Lifestyle like clothing, a handbag or home item and other would be either her favorite book on nutrition or a must-see exhibit. People Who Inspire is another such section where people who motivate Karan are featured and can be a creative collaborator, an independent artist or a spiritual leader. It also incorporates Ask Donna by means of which clients and fans get an opportunity to ask her about clothes or any other thing. There is also DK Travels that includes pictures and captions from Karan’s recent travels.

“With me, it’s never just about the clothes. It’s about a lifestyle and commonality that I share with my consumer. This iPhone application is the modern evolution of the time I spend with my customers in the dressing room. Only now I can reach a world of women immediately, speaking woman to woman about clothes, objects of desire and personal passions. There is nothing faster, more mobile or more advanced in communication today,” remarked Donna Karan.

10/ 10 GET IT (it's FREE too)

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