3 April 2011

Shoes Every Gent should Own

WHAT Herring Shoes
WHEN 3rd April 2011
' Shoes Every Gent should Own '

Buying a nice pair of dress shoes is a no-brainer for certain people, but a very hard task for few others. A pair of shoes tells everything and most people guess a man’s personality by the shoes he wears. This Sunday I'll will focus upscale men’s footwear that are stylish, handmade and every man around the world should own. 

Herring Pimlico:
The stunning UK handmade leather dress shoe. The lace up design and slim body make this shoe more than elegant enough to wear with a suit, but also lends the flexibility to dress it down with a pair of dark, slim cut jeans. The Herring Pimlico mixes a nice, clean cap toe oxford design with some very cool patterning on the toe. All in all, a beautiful piece of men’s footwear.

Herring Christchurch
A very classic yet gorgeous leather lace up dress shoes.
This has always been one of friends favourite. What I love about this shoe is how effortlessly it brings a modern twist to a classic style.  This shoe is chic yet smart enough to be worn with a suit, but also perfectly acceptable on the weekend with a pair of jeans.

Herring Matisse:

One of my favorite is the Herring Matisse a high quality elegant shoes by Herring. Looks great with a lot of different outfits. These versatile shoes are perfect for wearing to the office, on a night out and when you want to give a more formal element to a casual outfit. Don’t underestimate Herring Shoes; you will find that you wear them again and again.

A MUST OWN - 10/10

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