16 June 2011


WHEN 16th June 2011
WHERE  www.graffikgallery.co.uk
' CLPROJECTS in partnership with Graffik Gallery, host '

17th June - 1st July 2011
a high profile group exhibition featuring: Dan Baldwin, Drew & Eli, Goldie, Max Wiedemann, Jessica Svensson, Will Tuck, Jewel and selected works by Banksy

Il Bottaccio, 9 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia

Too often these days, urban art falls under the misnomer of 'street' and/or 'graffiti', conjuring somewhat false images of the artistic process; that it is in some way stealth, done under the cover of night in an overt attempt to avoid the law whilst raising that finger in the air. Yet rather than lending itself to disobedience, urban artists are helping to define a new and emerging social order of the day. Their creations are not merely anarchic, post-modern 'now' commentaries on our distopic persuasions and perversions, but are in fact post-hoc interpretations of relevant art historical movements.

"BEST OF BRITISH URBAN ART" features a blend of pop, abstract and figurative paintings, showcasing varying techniques and styles such as with spray cans, stencils, silkscreen prints, mixed media, mark-making, portraying hints of Pollock, Warhol, Basquiat, Rauschenberg, Twombly, Bacon, Kandinsky, even the Old Masters. Trained at some of the most prestigious art institutions in the UK,or without any formal training, there is a vivid, rhythmic and playful thread that weaves throughout each of the participating artist's own unique styles.

And yet, they are all still so much more than this. They are Cosmopolitan Warriors, Wayward Wanderers, Modern-Day Colonial Explorers who don't so much plunder the lands they journey into, but learn from it, bringing back home with them various observations in order to teach us more about the world we live in. In this show, the apocalyptic landscapes portrayed in Dan Baldwin's 3D canvases are laced with symbolism of such romantic antinomies as love and melancholy, life and death whilst Banksy's iconic stencils dig at consumer culture the world over, echoes of which can be found in Max Wiedemann's colourful translations of people's identity and evolution, trapped as it were in an ever-growing and chaotic urban landscape. 

One can sense the excitement in this veritable tapestry of urban artwork that narrates effortlessly everything about who these artists are, where they've been, whom they've met. Reflections on LA and London city dwelling ooze from Jessica Svensson's works and are feminine unlike the no nonsense Lichtenstein styled works by Jewel. Will Tuck's angle on the modern woman deals with the aggressive growth of the global glamour magazine industry evidenced by his use of neon-bright spray can colours and high gloss layered over coy page 3 girls and airbrushed to perfection.

Participating artists in this group show have explored over 50 places in the world. They have been graphic and motion designers, or drum 'n' bass icons, DJs, actors and producers such as Goldie, who has collaborated with major pop icons such as 3D (Massive Attack), Noel Gallagher, Bjork, and Pete Tong. Their designs inspire brands like Adidas, Samsung, Red Bull, Diesel, and recently Alexander McQueen, as Drew & Eli's striking interpretation of the Queen's Guards have done. They have been featured in publications such as Vouge, ELLE, I.D., Flair, New Order, Art of England, Aesthetica, Style, Dazed and Confused, Modern Painters and Living Etc.

Their energy is apparent, daring and uncontained. Multi-talented, imaginative, complex and brilliant, these urban artists are underground and internationally celebrated at the same time, championed and collected by an exclusive clientele. They have exhibited works around the world and have become solid fixtures at art fairs and auction houses in recent years.

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Wine expert Paul Hammond, 2Water's president and founder elaborates on regions, vineyards and grape varieties, merits of the wines, providing clear and transparent information about how all donations raised go directly to water and sanitation projects in the developing world, and the life changing impacts of their work. For more information please visit www.2water.org or email diana.isac@2water.org.  

Looking forward to seeing Jess Svensson & Francis Taloen & Graffik Gallery

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