12 June 2011

Fan Di Fend by Fendi

WHAT Fan Di Fend by Fendi
WHEN 13th June 2011
WHERE  Whisky Mist
' Fan Di Fend by Fendi '

The latest from the house of Fendi is the Fan Di Fend. Last week, I was delighted to attend the Fan di Fendi by Fendi fragrance launch party at Whisky Mist.

This summer the launch of the bottle is designed as a sparkling, vivid and cooling scent of Italian summer. Isabelle Gex the managing Director of Fendi Fragrance presented a delightful and exclusive presentation to the audience of the Addictive new fragnrance. Fendi perfumes bring forth an air of freshness and splendor to its wearer. For almost a century now, Fendi has been known as one of the fashion brands to spearhead the game when it comes to both style and luxury, which gives the Fendi fragrance an attribute of extravagance as well as a touch of richness. One may find that Fendi fragrances can be appropriate for daytime and evening wear.

Fendi in History

1925 was the birth year of Fendi in Rome. Established as a luxury brand for luggage and fur, the label has long been known to be a brand that catered only to the rich, who happened to want the best of everything. While the decades went past with Fendi being known as an expensive yet sleepy label, the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld as a creative director in 1972 managed to awaken the fashion house and began to again establish Fendi as a luminary in the arena of luxurious fashion.

Fan di Fendi
September 2010 was the date when the fashion house decided to release another scent, while rumours have spread that it was already discontinuing other fragrance lines – which then had become true. Venturing forth into a more opulent design scheme, Fendi then launched Fan di Fendi, a perfume that was meant to evoke lavish affluence in a bottle. The monogram of two Fs borders the perfume bottle, and is cast in gold. 
The heart brings forth certain romance, with Damascus rose, Yellow Jasmine, and Indian tuberose for exoticsm. Patchouli and leather then covers the base notes, transforming into a composition of warm scents, further made into a tone of Fendi earthiness with birch. Check out the amazing video below:

Isabelle Gex presentation

A special thanks to the amazing ' Minal and Holly ' for a spectacular launch.


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