15 June 2011

Franks Swimwear

WHAT  Franks Swimwear
WHEN 15th June 2011
WHERE  www.franksaustralia.com

' Franks Swimwear '

Buying swimwear is always a tricky affair and if you are planning to buy something very stylish, then the affair just gets trickier.

A very sexy and popular style of clothing, is the Frank Swimwear shorts. They come in many different colours and of course all fashionable styles.

This is certainly summer must have item especially for the sunny day at the beach. You obviously want to be seen rocking some stylish shorts. What I love about Frank swimwear are they come in many different colors, sizes, prints, and fabrics.

Time to show off those legs you've been hiding for months. Whether you're browsing for workout gear, relax fitting, or dress up shorts frank shorts offers you that.

The shorts are very light, very breathable for those REALLY hot days! And of course, very sexy!

Aqua Green Solids

Lilac Solids

Lemon Solids

Thick Red Blue Stripe Classics

New Thick Blue Stripe

New Aqua Zig Zag
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