9 June 2011

Vice Style / Blackberry - Visionaries

WHAT Vice Style / Blackberry - Visionaries
WHEN 9th June 2011

' Vice Style / Blackberry - Visionaries '

Im delighted to announce that Vice Style and Blackberry bring you Visionaries, a three part series which takes a look at established and up-and-coming individuals who make fashion happen. Each installment will be dedicated to a different artist, designer, stylist, photographer or editor.

Together, BlackBerry and Vice Style bring you Visionaries, a look at the established and up-and-coming individuals who make fashion happen. Each film stars a seminal fashion visionary and a rising star of their choosing. The visionaries are the art directors, designers, stylists, photographers and editors who broke ground with their work and helped define the look of a generation. Their chosen luminaries have the potential to alter the landscape of fashion in years to come, embodying the fashion world’s predilection for innovation and subversion of the accepted blueprint.

These edifying films reveal the inimitable qualities that got these people where they are today - the skill, passion, luck, and unique personal vision. The fashion world is evolving faster than ever and influencing our culture in ways we never imagined, due in part to the democratisation of the internet. With the advent of fashion film well underway as the medium de jour, the lines between fashion and art are becoming increasingly blurred. Through a close up on these two individuals we ultimately observe how far the industry has come and where it is headed next.

The first in the series takes a look at designer Gareth Pugh - best known for this elaborate and eccentric designs. He invites us in to his studio to talk about his ongoing collaborations with fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben and he explains why he believes film is so instrumental in the fashion industry. 

Check the amazing video out:

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