30 August 2011

Wrangler at the Carnival

WHAT Wrangler at the Carnival
WHEN 30th August 2011
WHERE Bumpkin, Notting Hill

' Wrangler at the Carnival '

Yesterday everyone let their hair down in style at the Notting Hill Carnival in West London, with drumming groups, floats and sound systems all taking centre stage.

However, on the fashion scene it was that time of the year and the hottest invite in town without doubt was the pre-carnival Wrangler party at 
Bumpkin, Westbourne Park Road, W11. 
Jeans brand hosts annual summer party to coincide with the Notting Hill Carnival. Music from DJ Seb Chew, Work It Girls and George Craig. 

Wrangler Notting Hill party was truly magnificent, the crowd were amazing and celebs included Jaime Winstone, Sarah Jane Crawford and Vanessa White rocked at this pre-carnival Monday Wrangler Jeans party.

The night was full of Fun adventures laid on by the folks at Wrangler as we take over a whole house in Notting Hill during the Carnival, with a decadent evening drinks, party and indoor BBQ. 

Pregnant Beyonce

WHAT Pregnant Beyonce 
WHEN 30th August 2011
WHERE Pregnant Beyonce 

' Congrats Beyonce '

At MTV VMAs there were so many winners and surprises and the biggest of all was from Superstar beyonce when are arrived on the red carpet.... When BeyoncΓ© arrived on the red carpet wearing a long orange gown by Lanvin. Clutching a visible baby bump, she told the assembled press: 'I have a surprise!'

Not that it stopped her from belting o
ut an impressive performance of Love On Top later in the evening, during which she told the audience: 'I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me.'

24 August 2011

House of Givenchy: New Girl

WHAT  House of Givenchy: New Girl
WHEN 27th April 2011
WHERE www.givenchy.com

' szmtagHouse of Givenchy: New Girl '

Dahlia Noir is the new perfume  from the fashion house of Givenchy. The new fragrance have mandarin peppercorn, mimosa and rose as top notes. Mariacarla Boscono is the face of Givenchy Dahlia Noir fragrance.
This new perfume will be available in late August 2011 in Eau de Parfum Spray 30, 50 and 75 ml and the collection for body care.

23 August 2011

A Ray of Sunshine From Kirk Originals

WHAT A Ray of Sunshine From Kirk Originals 
WHEN 23rd August 2011

' A Ray of Sunshine from Kirk Originals '

I have always said this and will say it again you cannot beat Kirk Original glasses. But now comes the sunglasses in its own league - you get a quality framed lenses than any high street has to offer.

Kirk Originals has been on everyone lips the last couple of months from editors to bloggers everyone obsessed. There’s so much been said about Kirk Originals, that a frame like the Sunglasses Collection needs no ingenious introduction. Besides, the decisive retro-chick coats all the frames come with a unique signature.
Now one of the most sought after brands in the celebrity and fashion industry, what makes the Kirk Originals brand so unique is its incredible designs, array of styles ranging from sleek aviators, to dramatically oversized designs and everything in between that allows it to stand out from competitors.

Every pair of Kirk Original sunglasses is distinctive, boasting the ultimate in fine craftsmanship and fusing unusual combination's of colours, textures and aesthetic twists. Each sunglasses defines every individual in mind; allowing them to express their own style and personality through a pair of sunglasses. The brand is accessible from a price perspective and really offers something beautifully desirable and special in today’s fashion industry.

Throughout the years I've searched for a perfect trendy frame and Kirk Originals sunglasses really are a trend within the custom sunglasses business.  The actual unique logo design from the manufacturer pulls instant interest throughout and something can certainly identify that it’s the Kirk Original shades.

My wish list the amazing Loverboy collection! 

Find more on www.kirkoriginals.com

22 August 2011

Super Brand named Dalvey

WHAT  Super Brand named Dalvey
WHEN 22nd August 2011

' Super Brand named Dalvey '

Searching for Timeless pieces for Gents accessories can be daunting task.  But im here to make it easier. To every gent and chaps in the UK, If your not aware of Dalvey the gentleman's brand - well you should be and your in for an education blog.

Simply wearing a formal shirt does not complete your look for some important occasion; and we all know you'll need to team it up with some stylish yet classical accessories such as perhaps a bow tie, tie with a clip and some cuff links. This is where Dalvey comes in handy they offer one of the best and must Gentleman's accessories - im smitten with the brand.  

The Brand:
The company was founded in Scotland in 1897 as a musical instrument manufactory, specialising in the production of Highland bagpipes.

The Dalvey range of shirts has been crafted from exceptional fabrics – cut and tailored to create sculpted silhouettes and finished with classic detailing. The range is characterised by subtlety.  Our fabrics are developed to be elegant and versatile – striking but understated.
Cufflinks are a central category in the Dalvey range, drawing together the apparel and accessory emphases of the brand.  Our cufflinks are meticulously engineered and finished in mirror-polished stainless steel: this gives them a uniquely crisp, clean accuracy.

The Items:
On the site Dalvey encourages you to look at the Key Features of products when browsing this site, and this is especially relevant for items in the Signature Range. They offer features from Shirts to Fragrance, from Cigar to Pocket Squares certainly the ideal place for everything.

Heres a pinch of my favorites items it offers:

Must HAVE Gent Accessories

Special thank you to Duncan 
Find out more on www.dalvey.com

New Brands at ASOS

WHAT  New Brands at ASOS
WHEN 22nd August 2011
WHERE www.asos.com

' New Brands at ASOS.COM '

Asos reveals four new menswear brand online. 
ASOS.com has launched a new selection of designers of covetable clothing from our finest menswear. The brands consist of:

 Am Golhar, 

Shades of Grey, 

Sons of Heroes

 and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Key pieces include a knitwear, jackets and tailored blazers. 

21 August 2011

DKNY Menswear Fall Campaign 2011

WHAT  DKNY Menswear Fall Campaign 2011 
WHEN 21st August 2011
WHERE www.dkny.com

' DKNY Menswear Fall Campaign 2011 '

Check out the stylish fall campaign for DKNY. Set with the classic city backdrop this particular Fall 2011 collection photographed. With diverse looks and styles it'll be hard not to own a piece this year. 

20 August 2011

Fashion Capital of the World

WHAT  Fashion Capital of the World
WHEN 18th August 2011
WHERE London, England

London Fashion Capital of the World - Sorry New York '

London overtakes New York as fashion capital of the world. 

It's official: London is the world's fashion capital, ahead of New York, Paris and Milan. Global Language Monitor carried out a survey based on tracking mentions on the internet, with results that rank London above New York thanks to this year's royal wedding.

18 August 2011

Friendship Forever

WHAT Friendship Forever
WHEN 18th August 2011
WHERE www.linksoflondon.com

' Friendship Forever '

Links of London are know for its groundbreaking jewellery and accessory. Throughtout the years thet have brought us the the bestcontemporary jewellery ranges available on the globe. 
Wimbeldon is over but tennis inspired style is sticking around - the friendship bracelets are certainly the ‘must-have’ item for this year’s througout seasons and festivals. 
Last week, I lost my Wimbledon limited edition Bracelets and thanks to the amazing PR girl team at Links London I was lucky enough to be gifted the Wimbledon Green/Purple Friendship Bracelet:

Probably one of the most internationally recognized jewellery amongst them is the links london bracelets.
The super stylish bracelets come in many colours and are sentimental for new friends or restore old friendship. It is awesome andfunky with a bit of elegance and guarantee. The Links of London Friendship bracelet also comes in all shapes and sizes, for either male and female. They are trendy and glossy, supplying personal style statements. 

The classic and quintessentially friendship bracelet are forever one of my favourite of all time. 
You can purchase the bracelets here

Be Prepped up in Canterbury

WHAT Be Prepped up in Canterbury
WHEN 18th August 2011
WHERE www.canterbury.com/lifestyle

' Prepped up in Canterbury '

Check out Canterbury Lifestyle collection taking inspiration from a plethora of rugby shirts ranging from the 1930s right through to 1987, iconic panelling, striping details and colour ways can be seen taking centre stage in this collection. Canterbury takes to the rugby field to grandstand their collegiate-inspired AW11 collection.


Brum n Bass Scene explores 'Swatch MTV Playground'

WHAT Drum n Bass Scene Explores
WHEN 18th August 2011
WHERE Swatch MTV Playground

' Brum n Bass Scene explores' Swatch MTV Playground 
In an era which has witnessed the scene somewhat overshadowed by the full scale uprising of dubstep, drum'n'bass, now more than ever, requires its purists to stay true to the cause. The Brum n Bass Scene explores the underground, bass-heavy music scene in the UK and discusses the family and community vibe within the scene. They talk about the street wear and how it is easy to spot somebody from the scene even though they are all so individual.


The Swiss Jerk scene takes on the vibrant, colorful expression through clothes, dance and music that California started a few years ago. Again, there is a real community feel with the Swiss Jerks as with the Brum n Bassers, as they have dance ‘crews’ and large groups of friends. Look at the back flip at the end of this video – amazing!

Check these photos out: 

Don't forget to check out more about the project on www.swatchmtvplayground.com 
tweet remember to use #MTVPlayground @mtvplayground

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