18 August 2011

Bow Tie Kinda Guy

WHAT Bow Tie Kinda Guy
WHEN 18th August 2011

' Bow Tie Kinda Guy

People have many hobbies in life and mine include collecting and buying Bow Ties- Yes thats right im a Bow Tie addict.

There's something about the bow tie that continues to capture my attention. Part of it is the general devil may attitude of bow tie wearers, who refuse to let trendy styles get in their way. Part of it is the long list of heroes who wore or wear bow ties such as Michael Jackson, Prince etc.

So when I discovered the amazing Swagger & Swoon which offered even more stylish designs, patterns, prints how could I avoid missing out of this stylish opportunity. 

Swagger & Swoon are a online retailer of fashion accessories for men, women and children.
Based in Kent, our first online shop was launched as Tie Warehouse in December 2003 with just a handful of ties and a lot of ambition! Seven years later, our huge range now has a strong focus on fashionable men's and women's accessories, including ties, bow ties, handbags, braces, hairbands, cufflinks, scarves and pashminas. New accessories are added monthly and the designs available are constantly updated, with a strong emphasis on hard to find items which are rarely found in high street shops anymore.
Why them?

When our product range outgrew our name in 2009, we needed something that was more indicative of the huge collection of fashion accessories we stock for both men and women. With such stylish accessories on offer, we knew they'd enhance anyone's wardrobe to such an extent it'd make men swagger and women swoon. After all, you can't look this good and not have an effect!

If you’re looking for accessories, Swagger & Swoon is the place to be - it ranges from ties and cravats to bags, pocket squares and cufflinks. Even more amazing they have been supplying in the UK for many years, and are proud of the variety of products we now offer, coupled with our award winning service and heres the evidence of my favourite designs so far:

These bow ties look really cute individually, they will look even better on. The beauty of the colors and designs are overwhelming.

Classic and Effortless

Find out more and purchase HERE

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