18 August 2011

Brum n Bass Scene explores 'Swatch MTV Playground'

WHAT Drum n Bass Scene Explores
WHEN 18th August 2011
WHERE Swatch MTV Playground

' Brum n Bass Scene explores' Swatch MTV Playground 
In an era which has witnessed the scene somewhat overshadowed by the full scale uprising of dubstep, drum'n'bass, now more than ever, requires its purists to stay true to the cause. The Brum n Bass Scene explores the underground, bass-heavy music scene in the UK and discusses the family and community vibe within the scene. They talk about the street wear and how it is easy to spot somebody from the scene even though they are all so individual.


The Swiss Jerk scene takes on the vibrant, colorful expression through clothes, dance and music that California started a few years ago. Again, there is a real community feel with the Swiss Jerks as with the Brum n Bassers, as they have dance ‘crews’ and large groups of friends. Look at the back flip at the end of this video – amazing!

Check these photos out: 

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