30 September 2011

The Incredible Oliver Spencer

WHAT The Incredible Oliver Spencer 
WHEN 30th September 2011
WHERE  London Fashion Week

 " The Incredible Mr Spencer " 

Oliver Spencer is certainly one of my favourite British designer.
British designer Oliver Spencer redefines the bridge between popular street wear and traditional tailoring. Oliver Spencer designs combine a wonderful blend of modern cuts, and quality fabrics with old-school construction seeped in passion.

The summer collection is the perfect way to stay stylish and up to date.
Certainly most wearable clothes of the day, and one that was less about shorts and vests and more about relaxed summer suits and spring outerwear. Casual blazers, slim cropped trousers and smart shoes. The white blazer with gold button adds a finishing touch to the look.

Founded in 2002, Oliver Spencer’s eponymous label set out with the aim of creating clothing that would combine modern styling with traditional tailoring. Using quality fabrics, modern fit, classic construction and expert craftsmanship, Oliver Spencer has earned a reputation as one of the leading lights in contemporary menswear today. His collections draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources such as hunting and the military, incorporating influences from American and Japanese fashion into his distinctly English designs.

Oliver Spencer’s SS12 collection sees all of these influences come to the fore with a range based around classic, bold colours and outerwear, there's certainly is a timelessness yet the stylish modern man to this collection.

The fashion show which also absolutely amazing.

A special thank you to team Surgery PR for a spectacular show.

Versatile Apparel, Cologne Germany Launch

WHATVersatile Apparel, Cologne Germany Launch
WHEN 30th September 2011
WHERE  www.versatileapparel.com

 " Party of the Month - Versatile Apparel, Cologne Germany Launch " 

Wednesday, I attended the parties of all parties. No other than Versatile Apparel of course. We were invited to Cologne, Germany to celebrate the first exclusive store launch press party.

This season the iconic brand Versatile Apparel a evolved collection in comparison to the first. The store launch unveiled the stylish collection of their Autumn and Winter 2011 menswear collection.

The brand have completly taken a 360 degree turn and dramatically evoloved. The brand now focuses more on the details of the garments, from subtle accessories that pop to classic tailoring in vivid tones.

The clothing have become more about quality, each garments is unique and has a story to tell yet super stylish and affordable. Versatile Apparel stil offers that contemporary collection for those who are seeking sophisticated yet rock-chic edge.

Clothes are getting to be essentially the most crucial parts-if only some of the one-of an individual appearance and I think Versatile Apparel nail the fashion side 100%.
The cloths not only convey a  social status to the character but symbolically the stylish modern man.

I truly appreciated the individual smarter wear pieces like the blazer, button-up shirts and jacket can definitely be appreciated.It’s made up of their trademark quality, attention to detail and noble materials that’s reflected through their clothes.

The night was spectacular, full of fashionistas, media guess and press.
The atmosphere was very serene, far from the noisy fashion parties of London and two red Lamborghini with models to welcome the guest.

Check out the awesome photos:

... and our new friends
Pierre-Pascal and Phil Politakis, David Noél  in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

A special thank you to the whole team at Versatile Apparel - for a magical night.

27 September 2011

The Bags of the Future

WHAT The Bags of the Future
WHEN 27th September 2011

 " The Bags of the Future "

When it comes to clothing, every woman has different taste and same goes to handbags and purses. Different women have different tastes in handbags and purses. Some likes to have a simple and sober and some prefer stylish and funky looking handbag designs. In fact, there are handbags and purses for every type of woman.  But, this is where Maisha comes in they offer every woman's dream, Feminine And Stylish, her dream bag. Bags made by Maisha are always considered true must and I am sure that even the name space you will find the right this season.
Merit? Of course the model that is extremely comfortable and spacious, perfect to hold all the indispensable that a true fashion victim doesn’t know just give up. Be stylish with your bags as they represent your taste. Redefine elegance in warm, earthy notes. Those bags just carry about all a girl needs. Right?

To purchase find them on www.maishabags.com

Jasper Garvida SS12

WHAT Jasper Garvida SS12
WHEN 27th September 2011
WHERE  Bloomsbury Hotel

 " Jasper Garvida SS12 "

Jasper Garvida fashion show was truly spectacular, well organised and held at a beautiful location the Bloomsbury Hotel. The collection were all about, shimmer, metallic, embellishment and structure. Cuts and shapes such as large over sized pockets, triangle studding and reflective plates all made up the ingredients of the collection and with a signature print to set off some key dresses, beautiful things are to come from Jasper and his creative designs.

Simply Beautiful!! 

Thomas Pink Launches Suiting

WHAT Thomas Pink
WHEN 27th September 2011
WHERE www.thomaspink.com

 " Thomas Pink Launches Suiting "

As a complement to Thomas Pink’s expertise in shirting, Thomas Pink launches suiting as part of the menswear collection. Classic elegance has been employed in the creation of three styles; the slimfit black ‘Kenwood’, the grey herringbone ‘Hampton’ and the navy pinstripe ‘Chette’.

From the structure of the jacket to the finishing of the trousers, all the elements of traditional tailoring have been worked into the collection. Using half canvas the jacket sits elegantly on the chest, the canvas further continues through the lapel and feathers out, lending a streamlined appearance. The canvas and the outer fabric, as well as the double venting, is secured using AMF stitching – a traditional technique named after the the producer of the machine; AMF Reece.

Crafted from superfine 100’s wool the attention to detail and workmanship is apparent both on the inside and outside of the suits. The lining is presented with pink detailing on the side panels and sleeve lining. The sleeve head is worked into the body and sewn by hand for ease of movement and creating a more natural shape. Scrupulous attention is placed on the smallest details; the internal jet pockets of the jacket are piped and finished on the facing to add strength. The mitred pocket closure is made by hand.

In a nod to our name, Pink detailing is playfully used throughout the suiting. Jacket sleeves with fully working cuff are finished with pink stitching on the last button hole. Under the collar pink felt is added for strength and
durability. A quintessentially British touch finds its way on the button hole of the lapel where one can put a flower
through and the stem be secured with hand-sewn pink flower loops.

The collection also allows the wearer the option of selecting a waistcoat to complement the ‘Chette’ suit. Side seam vents allow the vest to sit neatly over the trousers. The vest is finished with an adjustable back strap
ensuring a perfect fit. To complete the collection the trousers, as with the jackets, are finished with Columbia stitching and piped in pink. Hems are unfinished ensuring the best possible adjustments for the client. The use of traditional ‘Savile Row’ side adjusters add a debonnaire touch and the lining to the knees underscores the luxury finish of the collection.

For more please visit: www.thomaspink.com

Old School Latoya Jackson

WHAT Old School Latoya Jackson
WHEN 27th September 2011
WHERE Latoya Jackson

 " Old School Latoya Jackson  "

The Skinny Jeans And Starbucks Chronicles

WHAT The Skinny Jeans And Starbucks Chronicles
WHEN 27th September 2011
WHERE  Lee Jeans

 " The Skinny Jeans And Starbucks Chronicles  "

Hey everyone, I am sorry for not blogging this much, but I have been so busy with Filming for Russia's Next Top Model. Heres a quick blogpost of what im wearing today and why I love my jeans.

Recently I was invite by the lovely team at IPR Lodon to pop by down to the Lee store and pick a pair of jeans. Today im loving and wearing my Lee jeans. Everyone I know loves their skinny jeans these days. They is one of the hottest fashion trends currently on the market.  l love love this jeans because it is so versatile since it comes with 2 types of cuffs: straight and rolled up (which Im wearing in the picture).

Lee is one of the famous brands in fashion arena; Lee jeans are certainly famous in fashion world. The brand owns superb men's and women's jeans collection according to modern fashion requirement. If you want to have complete style and comfort with the jeans then the branded jeans is the appropriate option for you. If you want highly fashionable jeans then Lee is the brand which can accomplish your requirement to have such jeans. Lee skinny jeans come in a wide range of quality and pattern which certainly render a superb outlook on ones personality. 

Knock Out
A special thanks to Team IPR, Blanaid, Claire

26 September 2011

Molton Brown Fragrance Launch

WHAT Molton Brown Fragrance Launch
WHEN 26th September 2011

 " Molton Brown Fragrance Launch "

Last Month, I was invited to attend the Five fragrance collection Launch by Molton Brown fragrance, Navigations Through Scent. The event took place at RSA Vaults off the Strand, fitting for a fragrance that’s so focused on spices from all the different regions of the world. For a long time I've always admired the brand and their luxurious body lotions and washes. 

  When I discovered they were creating fragrances I had HAD to attend the launch to discover the fragrances.  The fragrances were created by Jennifer Jambon, the principle perfumer at Molton Brown and winner of Prix International du Parfumeur Createur 2008 best young perfumer of the year, the Navigations Through Scent collection is ‘an artisanal journey in fine fragrances’.

Throughout the night guest were treated to champagne, cocktails and I was lucky enough to chat and laugh with Jennifer who told me  she " carefully created over a year of careful research, exploration and discovery, the fragrances are the result of her travels and experiences around the world" 

 My favourite was Iunu, the ingredients – Top notes: ginger & elemi oils | Middle notes: Egyptian jasmine absolute, ylang ylang (I’ve always wanted to learn how to properly say this word! Is it “ya-lang ya-lang”?) & black pepper | Base: Patchouli oil and oakmass. The first of the unisex fragrance collection. Iunu  smells ‘floriental spicy‘. I unisex fragnatnce for sure but possiblly more suited to the male. The smell isn’t too overpowering at all and you can definitely pick up the smell from a distance yet so sublime.

Other fragrances included: 





A special thank you to everyone from Molton Brown & We Are Social and Josh.

Art at Annoushka: Alchemy

WHAT Art at Annoushka: Alchemy
WHEN 14th September 2011
WHERE  41 Cadogan Gardens SW3 2TB

 " Art at Annoushka: Alchemy "

Last week, I was invited by the delightful team from Annoushka to attend the Art at Annoushka: Alchemy. 

The jewellery boutiques based on the Kings Road throughout the night I was surrounded by diamonds, exquisite people, precious jewels and champagne. The newest artistic collaboration from Annoushka Ducas at her flagship Chelsea boutique. The exhibition continues the designer’s mission to integrate her fine jewellery into original artworks and project her designs beyond the traditional milieu of the glass case of jewellery box.

Photographer Rosie Emerson has captured celebrity subjects Amber Le Bon, Daisy Lowe, Ophelia Lovibond and Eliza Doolittle plus scensters Caroline Issa of Tank Magazine and Vogue.com’s Virginia Bates in stunning collage style shots alongside statement pieces from Annoushka’s collections.

" Amber Le Bon, Daisy Lowe, Ophelia Lovibond and Eliza Doolittle will appear in Alchemy, a photography exhibition by Rosie Emerson. Displayed for a month, from 14 September, at Annoushka Ducas’s 41 Cadogan Gardens flagship boutique, Alchemy continues Art At Annoushka. The aim of this exhibition series is to integrate Annoushka’s fine jewellery into original artworks and project her designs beyond their traditional, rarefied milieu - namely, a glass case in a boutique or the jewellery box. This will highlight the guiding principles of artistry, spontaneity and collaboration which have informed Annoushka since it was established in 2009. "

A special thanks to everyone from Annoushka, For more please visit: www.annoushka-jewellery.com 

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