30 September 2011

The Incredible Oliver Spencer

WHAT The Incredible Oliver Spencer 
WHEN 30th September 2011
WHERE  London Fashion Week

 " The Incredible Mr Spencer " 

Oliver Spencer is certainly one of my favourite British designer.
British designer Oliver Spencer redefines the bridge between popular street wear and traditional tailoring. Oliver Spencer designs combine a wonderful blend of modern cuts, and quality fabrics with old-school construction seeped in passion.

The summer collection is the perfect way to stay stylish and up to date.
Certainly most wearable clothes of the day, and one that was less about shorts and vests and more about relaxed summer suits and spring outerwear. Casual blazers, slim cropped trousers and smart shoes. The white blazer with gold button adds a finishing touch to the look.

Founded in 2002, Oliver Spencer’s eponymous label set out with the aim of creating clothing that would combine modern styling with traditional tailoring. Using quality fabrics, modern fit, classic construction and expert craftsmanship, Oliver Spencer has earned a reputation as one of the leading lights in contemporary menswear today. His collections draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources such as hunting and the military, incorporating influences from American and Japanese fashion into his distinctly English designs.

Oliver Spencer’s SS12 collection sees all of these influences come to the fore with a range based around classic, bold colours and outerwear, there's certainly is a timelessness yet the stylish modern man to this collection.

The fashion show which also absolutely amazing.

A special thank you to team Surgery PR for a spectacular show.


  1. I agree the show was great! I sat behind you at that show and I met you outside the Tm Design show, you were so nice when I spoke to you, so thanks! x
    Check my site out: http://thefutureoflifestyle.com/

  2. My pleasure :) lovely to meet you too! Will check the site and stay in touch x

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  5. Oliver Spencer did an amazing job. I love how his designs are wearable yet stylish. The colors and materials really embodies a modern stylish man.

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