17 October 2011

The Revolutionary of Luxury shirts

WHAT The Revolutionary of Luxury shirts
WHEN 17th October 2011
WHERE   www.dalvey.com

" The Revolutionary of Luxury shirts "

When it comes to luxury shirts you can get any better than Dalvey shirts.
The Dalvey range of shirts has been crafted from exceptional fabrics – cut and tailored to create sculpted silhouettes and finished with classic detailing. The range is characterised by subtlety.  The fabrics are developed to be elegant and versatile – striking but understated. Dalvey shirts are made with stunning contrast fabric and rich fabrics based in the Highlands of Scotland.

The shirt highlighted are a luxurious finish with a combo of colours designed to fit into any situation where a man wants to look good and still be comfortable and casual at the same time. These are certainly one super fashionable shirts for men that conveys a sense of style, pride and confidence in aspect of a man's life either at work or at play. 

Dinner Shirt

Blue poplin shirt

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Special thank you to Duncan 

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