12 November 2011

Aigle simply Effortless

WHAT Aigle simply Effortless
WHEN13th November 2011
WHERE Aigle Covent Garden, London

' Aigle simply Effortless '

Aigle's ambition is to help Man live in harmony with nature.  Offering essential, contemporary products for men, women and children, Aigle's efforts focus on the use of innovative design, materials and production techniques in the development of durable, functional, fashionable clothing, wellington boots.

Aigle is one of the oldest clothing companies that still stand today, and it offers just about the best in coats and other outerwear getup for men and women. If you happen to be a lover of the great outdoors and want to stroll out in style, then this will suit best to your needs.

This brand has been in the clothing business since 1853, and for over 150 years it has served the needs of men and women in France as well as in neighboring countries in Europe. It has however maintained the local appeal, and this explains its low profile attitude.

Favourite Pieces:
This stylish jacket has a military look. Its is warm waterproof and breathable.  Perfect  from crossing over from town to county. The belt is removable. The collar is lined with soft wool for extra warmth.
A walking boot for long distances. Inspired by hiking boot technology. High density rubber sole and pinched ankle give maximum comfort 

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