12 November 2011

Aigle Store Launch: Covent Garden

WHAT Aigle Store Launch: Covent Garden
WHEN13th November 2011
WHERE Aigle, Covent Garden

' Aigle Store Launch: Covent Garden '

Last week, Thursday the lovely PR girls from Fabric PR invited me to the exclusive Covent Garden, store launch.

Aigle is one of the oldest clothing companies that still stand today, and it offers just about the best in coats and other outerwear getup for men and women. If you happen to be a lover of the great outdoors and want to stroll out in style, then this will suit best to your needs.

This brand has been in the clothing business since 1853, and for over 150 years it has served the needs of men and women in France as well as in neighboring countries in Europe. It has however maintained the local appeal, and this explains its low profile attitude.

3 reason why J'adore Aigle: 
  • Classic designs fit for every occasion - The brand has a wide array of designs which cover the signs of the times, and because of this it gets to offer just about the best of what outerwear clothes and accessories can provide. You get to look chic and sassy, not to mention decent and respectable while outdoors.
  • Country living at its finest – The brand’s designs are also fit for country living and other related activities. You get to stroll and roam around the mountainside with comfort and warmth as provided by the brand’s coats and jackets.
  • Outerwear collections at the best prices – The brand also has its collections priced at affordable prices, thus you get to look and stay in style while outdoors without having the need to spend too much.
Aside from flagship stores and department store distributions, the brand also has its own official website where you can make your purchases online. The brand offers their latest as well as previous collections, particularly those with available discounts, and you can get them in truly affordable prices and discounts. The brand offers clothes, coats and accessories for men, women and children.


A special thank you to Fabric PR, Holly, Nadia, Hayley and Khabi for a spectacular evening.  Stay tuned, more photos on the way!!


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