21 November 2011

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply: "Metronomy" Private Concert trip to Amsterdam

WHAT Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply:  "Metronomy" Private Concert trip to Amsterdam
WHEN21st November 2011
' Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply:
"Metronomy" Private Concert trip to Amsterdam '

Firstly and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Team Ralph Lauren and Denim & Supply who offered me the stylish opportunity to stay in the heart of Amsterdam and amazing chance to see the ever so talented Metronomy. 

This was certainly the ultimate getaway as last week, I was flown to Amsterdam with a friend for a two days trip to the Private Concert in Amsterdam to see the AMAZING and TALENTED "Metronomy" by Denim & Supply. 

The emerging electropop indie band streamed live from Amsterdam across the globe. The live and intimate performance from Metronomy was epic and totally rocked the stage With just less than 250 people who attendance.
What a amazing group of people and how cool to see a girl rock the drums  From my previous blog, I mentioned Metronomy are a  British band, and the concert was live streamed on Facebook by Denim & Supply.

Metronomy's show is just the first in a series of exclusive performances in the Warehouse Roadshow, organized in tandem with key Denim & Supply store opening. 

I was also gifted a selection of clothing from the new Collection to wear on the night. The enchanting world of the Denim & Supply which  is a casual line of comfortable, versatile jeans, the new collection is inspired by "vintage" and "heritage". Aimed at a creative youthful market with the casual pieces and offers individuality of contemporary bohemia yet the style remains classic and impeccable with a touch of the American heritage and authenticity. Throughout the night, the new collection were worn by several models and Ralph Lauren colleagues who looked incredible.

The night was full of Ralph Lauren members, Press, Stylish fashionista's, fashionable crown and famous dutch TV personalities. 
The night was certainly magical, everything was organised to precise, the band were amazing and once again congrats to RL team pulled another SUCCESSFUL NIGHT.

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  1. We love Metronomy, looks like an intimate gig too which is always the best type!
    You look immaculate, as per. :)
    JS xx



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