31 January 2012

Austin Reed Gentleman’s Day

The Winner Daniel Hull-Sieff and Prince Cassius
WHAT Austin Reed Gentleman’s Day
WHEN 26th November 2010
WHERE Newbury, West Berkshire 

Newbury the Racecorse
Last month, I was invited by Austin Reed to take part in The Newbury Racecourse. As one of the judges for the Gentlemen's day winter style competition in conjunction with Austin Reed-Newbury's first ever fashion partnership offering best dressed man membership to their newly launched Q club. I was so honored to take part and search for the best dressed men on the day.  Furthermore, Amanda and I were scouting the course for candidates for the Winter Style competition to find the best dressed gentleman, with plenty of great prizes up for grabs including an Austin Reed Q Club membership.
On Friday November 26th, The spectacular day began with me being interviewed by the ITV. Gentlemen’s Day was so successful and it encouraged every man to dress in their winter best with prizes including annual membership to Austin Reed’s brand new Q Club for the most fashionable fellows, a refreshing change from another Saturday of DIY or Christmas shopping. Gentlemen’s Day offered the great winter escape - a casual yet fashionable day to catch up with friends.
Newbury Racecourse are making special room for men this winter at the races. Approximately 30,000 people were expected to descend on the racecourse for the 3 day fixture which includes the celebrated Hennessy Gold Cup. One of the highlights of the jump racing calendar.
Newbury Racecourse Gentlemen's Day is a response to the Ladies Days that have dominated the summer racing season and aims to take the crown of racing style from Ladies Days by hosting the largest Gentlemen’s Day in the racing calendar.

As a judge i was seeking a Gentleman who clearly made an impression, had great details in his outfit yet looks effortless. As me and Amanda scouted for Gents around the Horserace we found roughly 10-15 well dressed men and put them forward to the competition.
.. A picture speaks a thousands words - Enjoy (Photos Courtesy of Austin Reed) 

The Gorgeous Newbury Race Horse
Selected - among the Best Dressed Men of the Day

The judges of the Winter Style Competition, Amanda, Steven and Prince Cassius

Bloggers Charles Ampadu and Prince Cassius with Sofie Moulin, Austin Reeds E-Commerce Marketing Manager

The line-up for the Gentleman's Day Winter Style competition.

Winter Style competition winner Daniel Hull-Sieff (right) and runner-up flank Prince Cassius - today's arbiter of style. Nice work, chaps!

Gemma, Sophie. Amanda - Austin Reed Team
Prince Cassius with the winner and runner up of the Winter Style Competition

29 January 2012

Charles Tyrwhitt White Shirt Challenge

WHAT Charles Tyrwhitt White Shirt Challenge
WHEN 29th January 2012
' Charles Tyrwhitt White Shirt Challenge '

So anyone who knows me, pretty much has figured out that im addicted to shirts. Shirts are an essential wear to any man and his outfits. Charles Tyrwhitt is a British multi-channel retailer selling men's and women's shirts and other clothing.
Founded as a mail order company in 1986 by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler while he was a student at Bristol University. In 1997, the company opened its first store in Jermyn Street, London. Its flagship store is now at No. 98-100 Jermyn Street.
Okay every man know good shirts make you feel good and with CT offers good selection of plain white and coloured shirts in a variety of styles to suit both business and pleasure. From different fits (classic, fitted, tailored) and you can choose your sleeve length too.  What's even better is that the price is so reasonable and with frequent special offers you can keep your wardrobe stocked with crisp shirts without breaking the bank.
Check out my photos where I've kept the white shirt quiet classic and effortless. We know accessories can play a magnificent role in making and breaking an outfit. So I've decided to play with the preppy braces and nerdy glasses to give it that quintessential - old school look and rocking that 'Fro too. 

The second outfit can be a dinner / meeting look worn with a nice tailored bright tuxedo and pocket square. You can have the collars opened or decided to throw on that bow tie/ tie if needed. 

Look three, the bow tie look which can be worn with an nice v neck jumper or even to show off that shirt a tweed waistcoat over it. 

Look four, keeping it simple and chic by wearing a scarf inside the shirt - tres french. Most men actually don't wear scarves underneath any shirt but I think they should. Its different but any man can pull off that look.

Look five, dressing it up with a cream tailored button blazer. That messy bow tie to give it that effortless look and finally that pointed pocket square.
 A special thanks to Charles Tyrwhitt online team & EshΓ© Brown and propeller net.

27 January 2012

Kipling 25th Anniversary Party

WHAT Kipling 25th Anniversary Party
WHEN 27th January 2012
WHERE Kipling
' Kipling 25th Anniversary Party '

Last night, we celebrated Kipling in style by celebrating their 25th anniversary year with massive BANG in London.  The night also previewed the launch a milestone year for the Belgium brand to showcased its innovative ‘Play With Bags’ project full of artworks that included talents such as Rankin, Javier Mariscal. 

Throughout the night we completely admired the artwork and how great is this heart shaped Kipling rucksack?!! RHETORICAL!!! Produced by the iconic British photographer Rankin. The company was founded in 1987, by three entrepreneurs Vincent Haverbeke, Xavier Kegels and Paul Van De Velde from Belgium, the company’s products are stocked in more than 67 countries, and last year one of its biggest growing markets was America.

Guest were treated to some Aperol Spritzers, delicious mini burgers and Belgian chips. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves as Sunday Girl DJ throughout the night and ended up dancing on the dance floor. SUPERB NIGHT!!

LOVE THIS!!! "Rankin"


Image by http://www.itsaldnthing.com/

To find out more, make sure you check out the anniversary on the main site website is now which features editorial on the 25 year history of the company, its crinkled nylon bags, as well as a its iconic monkey mascot - http://www.kipling.com/uk-en/

Another amazing event second night in a row thanks to team Surgery.

25 January 2012

Effortlessly Cool with Luke Evans

WHAT  Police Eye UK Ambassador Luke Evans
WHEN 25th January 2012
' Effortlessly Cool with Luke Evans '

Last Night, the super amazing team; Surgery PR threw a celebration party to welcome Luke Evans to the Police Eyewear family. The Hollywood superstar Luke Evans has just been signed as the UK Brand Ambassador for Police eyewear. Shown below wearing Police Sunglasses with their original trademark blue lenses.

Luke is certainly the perfect ambassador with his strong appeal to fashion conscious men of all ages. Following in the footsteps of other great brand ambassadors such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney and David Beckham. (Well done)
Police has progressed to become a hugely iconic brand and favoured due to its cutting edge, understated and sophisticated style. The range of Police sunglasses have a distinctively sporty and casual edge but retain a high level typical of Italian chic. The sunglasses are never ostentatious or too overstated but have a confident styling that keeps the designs highly wearable, practical and incredibly stylish. The frames are designed to suit and flatter a wide range of face shapes and are extremely well constructed to ensure durability. 

Celebrities attending the event included Luke Evans (of course), Aidan Turner, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Jay Camilleri, Rita Ora, Noelle Reno, Georgie Okel, BB, Milo Cordell (The Big Pink), Robbie Furze (The Big Pink), Mary Charteris (DJ) and Leah Weller. 

Guests drank Ciroc cocktails and viewed the new campaign images styled by Tom Stubbs and photographed by Jason Hetherington. A huge thanks to the amazing team from Surgery another amazing launch - starting 2012 with a BANG!!

Read more about Luke on: www.police.it

16 January 2012

Scabal Savile Row Flagship Event

WHAT  Scabal Savile Row Flagship Event
WHEN 16th January 2012
' Scabal Savile Row Flagship Event '

Last Month, Derek Rose, together with Scabal tailors and Penhaligon’s perfumers to host an exclusive yet successful evening experience for their loyal customers. The stylish event took place at Scabal’s flagship store in Savile Row. For more than 70 years, Scabal works with true passion working to produce the finest materials and to process personalized clothing. The stunning store showcased Scabal’s luxury gentleman’s attire, ‘fragrance profiling’ from Penhaligon’s perfumers and the finest winter 2011 & classic sleepwear and slippers from Derek Rose.
Throughout the night, the team at Scabal approached individuals to explain how the products are made, the passion from the brand and also discuss brand in detail. Prior to the launch I wasn’t so familiar but knew about the brand so it was a wonderful opportunity to be talked through first hand. Proven over centuries of natural materials such as linen, cashmere, silk, cotton, mohair and vicuna, are from all over the world made in our own weaving mill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire England with the utmost care. But not only men with style know the fine thread of Scabal appreciate, even celebrities like Barack Obama, David Beckham and Boris Becker as well as Hollywood actors like Daniel Craig or Tom Cruise carry the exclusive suits.
Guests were treated to a selection of sushi infused canapΓ©s and champagne. A tombola rounded off the evening with a lucky guest winning a beautifully gift wrapped Derek Rose silk pyjama set. The event was truly delightful and a success.


A special thank you to Derek Rose and Team Scabal & FlaxPR for a wonderful evening.
For more, please visit:  www.scabal.com

12 January 2012

Dressed by the Finest Tailors Regents Tailoring

WHAT Dressed by the Finest Tailors ' Regents Tailoring '
WHEN 12th January 2012
 Dressed by the Finest Tailors ' Regents Tailoring '

 Yesterday, I was luckily enough to be invited to one of the BEST tailoring in the UK "Regent Tailoring". Having spotted the talented and dapper Jason & Will during the Newbury Racehorse event. The chaps instantly stood out from the crowd wearing a tailored bright cigarettes trousers, tailored tweed blazers, great nightwear and slippers. 

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to attend the store in Salisbury and traveling from London was certainly a joy. 
We all know, every gents now days should own classic, stylish and quintessential pieces. Whether it is for any special occasion or for any business requirement. This is where Regent Tailoring reignites the spirit of British heritage tailoring by supplying skilled and efficient alternatives guaranteeing all men acquire. With its rich history of fabulous tailoring, represents UK's finest quality tailoring for the everyman.  

The unique tailors, based in Salisbury, the 73 New Street store situated on three floors offers exceptional quality in tailor made suits, tailor made shirts & blouses, topcoats, tailored blazers, tailor made tuxedos etc. for both men and women. Experiencing it all first hand, Regent Tailoring offers the highest quality and care by the skilled team of bespoke pieces as they help you choose your desired fabric, style, and fit of your bespoke garments. With them it's all about customization and personalization, the two are major essentials of bespoke tailoring.  

Regent Tailoring obtains that friendly yet super professional status everyone looks for. Certainly one of the BEST customer services I've experience for a long time. The chaps truly do give you all the attention you need and introduce to you pieces, lets say you'd automatically think wouldn't suit you and i experience that. Truly Truly great!

An impressively store, Regent Tailoring offers different ranges from mid-priced fashion to bespoke prices. Speaking to the locals everyone comment "They are known for making high quality, professional suits with an unmatched finishing"  We all know looking the part and standing out from the crowd is importantCheck out my experience photos below: 

The butterfly Regent Tailoring logo

Make sure you VISIT the store:
or check out the site for great items:

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