27 January 2012

Kipling 25th Anniversary Party

WHAT Kipling 25th Anniversary Party
WHEN 27th January 2012
WHERE Kipling
' Kipling 25th Anniversary Party '

Last night, we celebrated Kipling in style by celebrating their 25th anniversary year with massive BANG in London.  The night also previewed the launch a milestone year for the Belgium brand to showcased its innovative ‘Play With Bags’ project full of artworks that included talents such as Rankin, Javier Mariscal. 

Throughout the night we completely admired the artwork and how great is this heart shaped Kipling rucksack?!! RHETORICAL!!! Produced by the iconic British photographer Rankin. The company was founded in 1987, by three entrepreneurs Vincent Haverbeke, Xavier Kegels and Paul Van De Velde from Belgium, the company’s products are stocked in more than 67 countries, and last year one of its biggest growing markets was America.

Guest were treated to some Aperol Spritzers, delicious mini burgers and Belgian chips. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves as Sunday Girl DJ throughout the night and ended up dancing on the dance floor. SUPERB NIGHT!!

LOVE THIS!!! "Rankin"


Image by http://www.itsaldnthing.com/

To find out more, make sure you check out the anniversary on the main site website is now which features editorial on the 25 year history of the company, its crinkled nylon bags, as well as a its iconic monkey mascot - http://www.kipling.com/uk-en/

Another amazing event second night in a row thanks to team Surgery.

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