30 March 2012

Jake Spade First UK store launch

WHAT  Jake Spade UK store launch
WHEN 30th March 2012

Last Night, was the First ever UK store launch of Jake Spade. The all-American preppy yet classic menswear brand crossed the big pond to settle in London and I was delighted to attend. The New York-based menswear and accessories brand is store will be located on Brewer Street and will stock the American brand’s full range of bags, apparel and accessories.

Founded in 1996 out of a warehouse on Warren Street in New York City, Jack Spade is known for designing items that can be useful as well as stylish, and has nine retail stores across America, Japan and now the UK. The London store follows the success of the brand’s Tokyo shop that opened last autumn.

When describing the collection few words comes into mind all-American preppy, classic and I want it all ;) The store has put together a collection of purposeful and tasteful items that all men need (whether they know it or not). Find gifts for every guy there so make sure you visit the store

The store officially opens TODAY! Go check it out!
A special thanks to team Starworks London and Kerri-Anne for a delightful evening. 

28 March 2012

Gok Wan for Specsavers Eyewear launch

WHAT Gok Wan for Specsavers Eyewear launch
WHEN 28th March 2012
' Gok Wan for Specsavers Eyewear launch '

Last Monday, Thanks to MecGlobal I was invited to the second Specsavers launch for Gok Wan new eyewear. The Renowned style and fashion icon Gok Wan recently many cities such as Glasgow, Cardiff etc as part of a national advertising campaign to promote his new range of spectacles but we were glad he popped back to London.

Having been to the first launch which amazed me, I was super excited to see the new frames and designs. We all know Gok has a good taste for fashion so I wasn't surprised if the frames where super chic, trendy and practical. The collection is inspired by the 50s area, its classical chic, stylish, very colourful and very diverse. Many of the frames are specifically designed to suit many face shapes and sizes. There's definitely something for everyone and its totally affordable too. The glasses retail at about £99 and are 2 for 1 which is a bargain as a lot of the designer glasses retail at £150+ a pair.

Check out my favorites fashionista's:

Also don't forget Former Coronation Street actress, Helen Flanagan is launching the Specsavers’ nationwide search for the Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2012 in support of children's charity, Kidscape. Now in their fifth year of supporting this cause, Specsavers will donate £1 for every eligible competition entry to the charity, as well as all proceeds from an auction led by Specsavers ambassador Gok Wan, which will take place at the competition final in London in October. The competition is open to men and women aged 16 and over, who are current glasses wearers or wear them for fashion purposes.

For more please visit:

Follow Gok on Twitter

26 March 2012

Marks & Spencers Tailoring Collaboration with Richard James Savile Row

WHAT Marks & Spencers Tailoring Collaboration with Richard James Savile Row
' Savile Row comes to your M&S high street '

How important are suits on a man? Very important indeed. I say this because a good fit is imperative to make sure your clothing sends the proper message secondly a quality suit is always eye-catching and can be spotted by anyone.

Most men think you'd have to spend Savile Row prices for one suit but here's the good news male readers - the amazing Richard James has collaborated with one of our favourite high streets "Marks and Spencer' that's right to offer you Savile quality at high street prices - I mean it really doesn't get any better than that.

“Developed over the past eight months, Marks & Spencer’s latest tailoring collection is a collaboration with the Savile Row tailor Richard James. The new collection includes seven suits, and 11 shirt and tie styles. In the autumn shoes, socks, cufflinks and pocket squares will also be added "
The M&S range’s slimline suits and accessories feature these signature James flourishes, with one- and two-button jackets, side-adjusting as well as belt-looped trousers, hand-finished stitching and his bold use of colour. Who will fail to be impressed by the hot-pink silk tie over a sky-blue shirt in luxurious 120-fold cotton under a pale grey, one button suit? And with the most expensive suit costing less than £500, it makes economic sense.

Keeping to a best-of-British theme, which is central to M&S’s current thinking, the suit fabrics are sourced from Alfred Brown in Leeds and silk for the ties is from the British silk weavers Vanners. 

Having the pleasure to met Richard James on many occasion I can say he's truly a stylish gent and is one of the most respected & talented British designers we have today - period!  If you are wearing the right suit, you don’t have to worry about how you look. The correct attire can go a long way in making a great first impression, and the colours you choose to wear can greatly affect how you are perceived

I absolutely love a high end/high street collaboration, especially this one with respected Savile Row tailor Richard James. So if your thinking about purchasing your next suit - don't go any further check out the Richard James for M&S collection right here
and your local store's from 29th March.
 Savile Row Inspired by Richard James for M&S suits from £299-£499 in sizes 36-46; shirts £49.50, ties £29

Landsend must have picks

WHAT Landsend must have picks
WHEN 26th March 2012
WHERE www.landsend.co.uk

' Essential pieces for Men: Brogues & Oxford Shirts '

Brogues are a classic favourite that emphasis the wearer's refined taste. Brown brogues have all of the traditional detailing of brogues; the multiple piece design and the perforated detailing.
However, these days its all about colours and the brogueing patterns has changed to become very practical. For those who enjoy the understated designs and like to pay attention to small details Landsend have the perfect brogue to fit every occasion. They offer extremely versatile brogues from White, to Navy that suit a variety of outfits. Which brings a touch of elegance to work attire with black brogues and show off a great sense of style.

This season its all about colour and Landsend offer everything at such affordable prices and everyman should own at least one oxford shirt and a brogue at their wardrobe.Now to enhance that look Landsend have created multicoloured oxford shirts to match your brogues smartening them up creating that relaxed casual look or even make an excellent impression on a special night out.

There's plenty of charm and will never go out of style, so it goes without saying that a pair of brogues will stay fashionable for seasons to come. Shopping for the perfect pair of brogues? Then head over to www.landsend.co.uk  where a range of smart and elegant brogues and clothing can be found.


20 March 2012

Monica and Joe 1st Birthday Party

WHAT Monica and Joe 1st Birthday Party
WHEN 20th March 2012
' Congrats Monica and Joe '

The lovely team from Monica and Joe invited me to celebrate there 1st birthday at Soho House.
The turn out was truly fab consisting of designers, fashionistas, bloggers, paparazzi and lots of journalist. The birthday had a mint green them to match the delicious mint green cupcakes from CupcakesLondon and guest were treated to endless glasses of champagne, canapΓ©s and great music. The night was such a delight!

I was truly delighted to show my support as Monica and Joe are frankly one of the best boutiques I know off consisting of wonderful designers, one off designer labels at affordable prices and pretty much giving designers that platform. Im delighted to know they've done so well and I give them recognition that they truly deserve.  People always ask me where to get that unique outfit for parties and events and here is the answer ladies go to Monica & Joe where they have everything to suit your mood.  

Check out the video below

Congrats to Monica and Joe wishing you all a successful year and see you on the next birthday! Also Thanks to team Monica and Joe for making it such a great party!
Ladies don't forget to check out those unique one off pieces I've mentioned on:

The Hottest Bow Ties

WHAT The Hottest Bow Ties 
WHEN 20th March 2012
' The Hottest Bow Ties '

There's something about the bow tie that continues to capture my attention. Part of it is the general devil may attitude of bow tie wearers, who refuse to let trendy styles get in their way. People have many hobbies in life and mine include collecting and buying Bow Ties- Yes that's right im a Bow Tie addict.Part of it is the long list of heroes who wore or wear bow ties such as Michael Jackson, Prince etc. 

I've been spreading the word that'Bow ties are cool' and it looks as though young shoppers have taken this comments to heart.  So when I discovered the amazing Jill Pineda who offers nothing but super stylish designs, patterns, prints I was in Love!  The Queen of Bow Tie is an international success especially in the US and LA Land. Her bow ties are a huge HIT from household names such as The Kardashian's. Not only is Jill a super cool chick but one stylish personal stylist and designer. I truly welcome her Bow Ties in England with open arms. So fashionista's make sure you check out her site and blog 

The Lovely Jill

FREE shipping US only.

For international shipping rates please email: jillpinedallc@gmail.com
Check out and purchase more on: www.jillpineda.com

         A special thank you to Jill!

Esemplare's SS12 collection

WHAT Esemplare's SS12 collection
WHEN 20th March 2012
' Esemplare's SS12 collection '

Last week, thanks to Mission PR and White smoke communication invited me to an exclusive breakfast to preview Esemplare's SS12 menswear collection.

The Esemplare pop-up shop has arrived at Bluebird at the best quality crafted for the SS12 collection. The label has been designed by Alessandro Pungetti and was created by Manifattura Riese Spa which has been making clothes since 1961. The pop-up will launch the SS12 collection comprising classic outdoor jackets which have been updated with strong fabrics such as Japanese cotton. Nylon is a key element to this collection creating a wrinkled effect after being treated. 

One of my favourite has to be the dyed nylon parkas as well as exclusive ‘Crincol’ nylon fabric which fabulously creates a  lightweight, waterproof and outerwear. 
Also another one has to be the Esemplare Reversible George Salvia Jacket. The Reversible Double jacket with the Removable vest lining with crinkle effect makes it water resistant and offers that monofilament metallic effect.  Also the cotton nylon blends have also created oiled finishes giving a wet look, while functional details like multitask pockets, reversible jackets, wired hoods, semi automatic buttons and removable lining will be available.

Thanks to team Mission PR and White Smoke Communication for the lovely breakfast and showcase.

12 March 2012

Zalando Berlin Pop-up Store

WHEN 12th March 2012
WHERE Berlin

' Zalando Berlin Pop-up Store '

Last week, I was delighted to be invited to Berlin for the collection pop-up store by the amazing Zalando team. My trip from heathrow to Berlin was full of excitement. This was my first time ever in Berlin and i couldnt wait to start shopping, sight-seeing and more. When arrived at the hotel the lovely Anna introduced all the social media, Journalist and bloggers together where we mingled and had some bubble team to know one another, from Grazia Netherlands to wishwishwish blog.Having the chance to meet several other bloggers over for the launch of their first collection and having stayed at the lovely weinmeister we were truly spoilt by everyone kindness. 

The online store that delivers super fashionable shoes and fashion launched its first own fashion collection the Zalando CollectionThe pop-up shop was filled with shipping boxes create that fashion forward for inspiration. The collection consist of three trendy clothing line: the Modern Tribal, New Retro and Sci Tec each consisting of garments, shoes and bags. As special highlight, the Capsule Collection designed by Bernadett Penkov will be available in the shop in about 10 days.
The launch was truly spectacular and over 400 guest were invited to the launch. Guest were treated to delicious food, drinks and booze throughout the big night. The night was bursting full of fashionistas, journalist and everyone danced to some 90's music mix from DJane Hadnet Tesfai until the early hours of the morning.

The gorgeous Anna from Zalando

During our stay, over the course of three days guest and the public had the opportunity to experience fashion as it happens and witness the creation of the first live magazine. In collaboration with customers and selected guest-editors it will be developed, shaped and produced on site.

If your in Berlin make sure you stop by:
Zalando Pop-Up,  

Weinmeisterstraße 2 
Berlin-Mitte, Germany

A special thank you to team Zalando for everything & welcoming to Berlin. I certainly had a memorable experience. Can't wait to return xxx

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