26 March 2012

Landsend must have picks

WHAT Landsend must have picks
WHEN 26th March 2012
WHERE www.landsend.co.uk

' Essential pieces for Men: Brogues & Oxford Shirts '

Brogues are a classic favourite that emphasis the wearer's refined taste. Brown brogues have all of the traditional detailing of brogues; the multiple piece design and the perforated detailing.
However, these days its all about colours and the brogueing patterns has changed to become very practical. For those who enjoy the understated designs and like to pay attention to small details Landsend have the perfect brogue to fit every occasion. They offer extremely versatile brogues from White, to Navy that suit a variety of outfits. Which brings a touch of elegance to work attire with black brogues and show off a great sense of style.

This season its all about colour and Landsend offer everything at such affordable prices and everyman should own at least one oxford shirt and a brogue at their wardrobe.Now to enhance that look Landsend have created multicoloured oxford shirts to match your brogues smartening them up creating that relaxed casual look or even make an excellent impression on a special night out.

There's plenty of charm and will never go out of style, so it goes without saying that a pair of brogues will stay fashionable for seasons to come. Shopping for the perfect pair of brogues? Then head over to www.landsend.co.uk  where a range of smart and elegant brogues and clothing can be found.


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