26 March 2012

Marks & Spencers Tailoring Collaboration with Richard James Savile Row

WHAT Marks & Spencers Tailoring Collaboration with Richard James Savile Row
' Savile Row comes to your M&S high street '

How important are suits on a man? Very important indeed. I say this because a good fit is imperative to make sure your clothing sends the proper message secondly a quality suit is always eye-catching and can be spotted by anyone.

Most men think you'd have to spend Savile Row prices for one suit but here's the good news male readers - the amazing Richard James has collaborated with one of our favourite high streets "Marks and Spencer' that's right to offer you Savile quality at high street prices - I mean it really doesn't get any better than that.

“Developed over the past eight months, Marks & Spencer’s latest tailoring collection is a collaboration with the Savile Row tailor Richard James. The new collection includes seven suits, and 11 shirt and tie styles. In the autumn shoes, socks, cufflinks and pocket squares will also be added "
The M&S range’s slimline suits and accessories feature these signature James flourishes, with one- and two-button jackets, side-adjusting as well as belt-looped trousers, hand-finished stitching and his bold use of colour. Who will fail to be impressed by the hot-pink silk tie over a sky-blue shirt in luxurious 120-fold cotton under a pale grey, one button suit? And with the most expensive suit costing less than £500, it makes economic sense.

Keeping to a best-of-British theme, which is central to M&S’s current thinking, the suit fabrics are sourced from Alfred Brown in Leeds and silk for the ties is from the British silk weavers Vanners. 

Having the pleasure to met Richard James on many occasion I can say he's truly a stylish gent and is one of the most respected & talented British designers we have today - period!  If you are wearing the right suit, you don’t have to worry about how you look. The correct attire can go a long way in making a great first impression, and the colours you choose to wear can greatly affect how you are perceived

I absolutely love a high end/high street collaboration, especially this one with respected Savile Row tailor Richard James. So if your thinking about purchasing your next suit - don't go any further check out the Richard James for M&S collection right here
and your local store's from 29th March.
 Savile Row Inspired by Richard James for M&S suits from £299-£499 in sizes 36-46; shirts £49.50, ties £29

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