30 April 2012

Issey Miyake Sport Fragrance launch

WHAT Issey Miyake Sport Fragrance launch
WHEN 30th April 2012
WHERE 52 Conduit Street

'  Issey Miyake Sport Fragrance launch '

Last Thursday,  I was invited to the fragrance launch by Issey Miyake at the Conduit street store, London.
The fragrance will be a new version of the popular men's edition L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme from 1994. Name of the new fragrance is L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport and is created as an energetic, unconventional edition ideal for everyday use.

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport offers a luminous opening full of sparkling citruses and energy. Bergamot and grapefruit provide a strong and dynamic beginning in the opening notes. A heart of the composition offers spicy shades of nutmeg combined with leather, while a base features elegant woody accords of cedar and vetiver.

 I personally LOVED the fragrance, it is a cross between the original miyake the intense version. Its very sporty, longevity and very SEXY. L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Sport takes on the freshness of the open air and high altitudes. Im wearing mine as we speak and can't get enough 9/10

 Special thanks to Natalie Startin & Kenneth Green Associate.

Illustration by iNadia

WHAT Illustration by iNadia
WHEN 30th April 2012
Illustration by iNadia '

“HeartArt” Weekend Artshow & Auction helps Heart Radio’s charity

'HeartArt is a new volunteering activity launching a summer and winter ArtPR and charity event as part of a biannual student art exhibition produced to promote a selection of London based undergraduate  and postgraduate artists whilst raising awareness and funds for Heart radio’s charity Have a Heart. 

Activity also includes an art auction of surprise celebrity drawings donated to raise money for Heart’s charity. 

Check out the talented iNadia akaNadia El Meallem (illustrator) beautiful work below:

More available on: 



Tats and Tempest

WHAT Tats and Tempest
WHEN 30th April 2012
WHERE Tats and Tempest Ipad Case

Tats and Tempest gorgeous iPad Cover '

What im loving at the moment is the tats and tempest iPad case and document wallet. The brand are known for thereBrilliant and beautiful Luxury Laptop, iPad and phone cases. This stylish Ipad case below is a must for all Ipad lovers. The elegant style and fabric helps protect the iPad when you're carrying or storing it. With its premium leather it contrast stitching and a fleece interior make the leather attractive and practical. 

The amount of attention to detail and time dedicated to each piece is epic as each piece is hand-buffed and antiqued giving it a look of gently distressed yet shiny leather. It will definitely protect your most prized possession as well as it’s lined with Soft faux suede lining and fitted with a secure tab closure.

This leather iPad case and document wallet from Tats & Tempest is a sleek and efficient way to carry everything you could need for a busy day around town. Crafted from the softest, high quality leather, the case features two inner compartments – one designated for holding documents and  another padded space for housing your iPad.

JO LOVES Mango fragrance Collection

WHAT JO LOVES Mango fragrance Collection
WHEN 30th April 2012
WHERE www.joloves.com

JO LOVES Mango fragrance Collection '

Last week, I was invite back again to Jo Loves Mango collection - new fragrance launch at the penthouse.
The launch was divine as always, guest were treated to delicious food, drinks, mango milkshake, cakes and more.

Mango Collection. Inspired by an evening sitting at the Fours Seasons bar in New York, she says: "Watching the way ingredients were crushed, stirred and shaken together to create something totally unique resembled my approach to fragrance design. I loved the way that adding a shot of something unexpected took each cocktail in a completely different direction and I knew I could do the same with fragrance.”

Having smelt the 3 fragrances I was instantly attracted to the " A Shot of Oud over Mango ~ with mango, black pepper, freesia and oud wood " this fragrance was very sweet but subtle. The elements were very alluring it had that romantic subtly.
Mango Nectar has a bitter orange note with pink grapefruit, mango leaf, apricot blossom, jasmine nuances and musk, while A Shot of Thai Lime over Mango is zesty and comprises black pepper, freesia, white thyme absolute, vetiver with the addition of mint leaf. 

Priced at £95 for 100ml and £45 for 30ml, the Mango Collection is available exclusively on the JO LOVES website from 1 July.

Essential Pieces from Blueinc

WHAT Essential Pieces from Blueinc
WHEN 30th April 2012
WHERE Blue Inc

Blue Inc clothing have some really great pieces for menswear. I had an opportunity to check out the collection online and in store and saw some great classic pieces you'd love.

The brand totally popular among young men. They can either choose to purchase a head-to-toe outfit from the label, or else mix and match some. These clothes are also extremely comfortable, as the fabrics have been especially chosen so that these will not only look nice, but feel nice as well.

Summer nearly here and if your looking for those essential pieces then don't look any further.  If you're looking for comfortable and fashionable at the same time then check out my selected pieces at super affordable prices.

Check out my favourite items:

Special thank you to Reena! xx

26 April 2012

Perfect Summer Rugby Shirts

WHAT Rugby Shirts at Landsend
WHEN 26th April 2012
WHERE Landsend

'  Perfect Summer Rugby Shirts '

Ever year we become more fashion focus but what I love about Lands' end are how they incorporate traditional designs and turn it into a stylish element. I'm currently loving the Rugby long sleeve polo shirts which offers that dynamic feeling available in different colour for the young the bold and unrestrained.
The collection  will be a popular fashion choice among sports enthusiasts as well as fashion lovers. The collection of well made richly coloured shirts is made from the finest quality fabric.There are a variety of different styles and weights of men's ruby shirts all of which are designed to be athletically functional and to wear well for only £49.

" There was a time when we built rugby shirts as 'tough as the game'. But this summer, we've taken a whole new approach - it's all about comfort and kicking back in lightweight cotton jersey. It's nicely detailed too, with authentic game-style rubber buttons, exaggerated zig zag stitching under the collar, fade-resistant yarn-dyed stripes, eye-catching horizontal needlework beneath the placket, herringbone taped side vents and tennis tails "

More styles available online

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Herring New Stow Suede

WHAT Herring Stow Suede 
WHEN 26th April 2012

It keeps getting better and stylish over at Herring HQ. The directional range of suede boots, with designs have left me speechless.  The gorgeous selection of boots range from the traditional Herring colours but with a twist. Its unique attribute is it’s softness and they style these babies do stand out in a crowd. 

With the sleek design that the intelligent combination of suede and colours create elegance, style and comfort. Don't forget the boots are 'MADE IN ENGLAND'!

Its style, comfort, and function in a pair of boots. It’s the shoe anti-thesis of the adage ‘you can’t have fun all the time’. It gives you the best of both worlds. People want a pair of suede boots because it works — clearly the reason why men want it, for there is not a reason why men shouldn’t.

Check out these gorgeous dandy suede boots retailing at £355

 More available online 

Herring Facebook

12 April 2012

Illustration by Martine Mbala

WHAT Illustration by Martine Mbala
WHEN 12th April 2012
WHERE http://martinembala.blogspot.co.uk/

A massive thank you to Martine Mbala for this fabulous illustration of me. 
The drawing was made during Surgery PR AW12 Press Day but make sure you check out more of her creative work on her blog.  

Custom made Dress Shirt

WHAT Custom made Dress Shirt
WHEN 12th April 2012
WHERE Tailor4less 

Custom made Dress Shirt '

When it comes to custom made shirts its always excites me. As a fashionmister I'm a shirt addict and own many but having a shirt custom made for your body size has always been a bonus. Im pretty tall so at 6'1 - 6.2 with my Fro :) I usually have to go a size bigger for shirts. If not most shirts tend to be a tad smaller by the arms and length which isn't ideal for me. At Tailor4less the name speaks for itself you really do tailor your suits, shirts and blazer according to the size and frame that fits you.

What interests me is the a tailoring background, they really do have the hottest tailors delivering that elegant shirt, suiting, outerwear and blazer. You ask how does it work? 
How does Tailor4Less work?

When you choose to go in for the shirt made to fit a person, you will have to give sizes in the collar, the shoulders, hands, sleeve size, upper body and duration. You can find the cloth, shade and pattern, the actual buttons, the actual receiver collar sort and every small variables that contributes to your finished whole. When you wear this kind of custom web design tailor made shirt made specifically for an individual, minimize and stitched perfectly, not only will you feel comfortable however general effect boosts no end, providing you with a distinctive look.
Check out my design with my initial 'PC', its slightly bright on this pics:

The site was so easy to use all you have to do is select the design, fabric, style and simply enter your sizes for accurate measurements. We all know every human is special but at the end of the day everyone wants to feel being special. At Tailor4less the shirts are a luxurious finish with a combo of colours designed to fit into any situation where a man wants to look good and still be comfortable and casual at the same time. These are certainly one super fashionable shirts for men that conveys a sense of style, pride and confidence in aspect of a man's life either at work or at play. Who knew that the trend of custom made products could bring contentment and happiness in one’s life! But it did!
A huge thank you to Rafael and team Tailor4less and to find out more please visit:


Fashion Lovin' Jenny Schwarz

WHAT Fashion Lovin' Jenny Schwarz
WHEN 12th April 2012
WHERE http://www.jennyschwarz.com/jenny_en.html

Fashion Lovin' Jenny Schwarz '

Recently, I went to the Felicities Showroom to visit them for their S/S12 Press day. Not only was it a great chance to speak to wonderful team but catch up with the designers as well as bloggers. I got to take a personal look at their amazing designers but one menswear designer caught that I hadn't come across before was Jenny Schwarz menswear which caught my attention.
Menswear Designer Jenny Schwarz is a fine example of how art and skill run through families blood. Her Great Grandfather, Johann Schneider, was a successful menswear tailor working in 1920s Munich and is the spark of inspiration behind Jenny’s ambitions.

I particularly fell in love with all the pieces but especially the followings:

The diverse fabric textures she favours are a perfect example of how she takes conformity and twists it slightly. Her garments are always a joy to behold in person. The feel of the cloth is as important to her as the appearance and a closer look at her work only underlines the amount of precision, detail and thought that she displays in her craft. 

Summer Preppy Shorts

WHAT Landsend colourful shorts
WHEN 12th April 2012
WHERE LandsEnd

Summer 2012 male fashion trends are a perfect match for the adventurous young man in the City. Fashion is an on-going business. There are always new designs, trends and fads coming every season. Fashion trends come and go and depending on the season, you can always find a way to wear all your clothes through out the changing seasons.

Fashion is about being creative and stepping out of your comfort zone. You want clothes to express your personality as well as complement you. As the seasons come and go you are able to mix and match patterns and colours to suit the current season. So Fashionmisters I've found some affordable, trendy and classic colorful shorts available at Landsend online. The classics of summer will ease into fall which allows you to mix and match and not be limited to creative styles.

These colourful shorts will go with just about anything, so throw on dull t-shirt, dress it up with a smart shirt, loafers  and bring it to life with a tailored tuxedo or blazer.

To find out more please visit:

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Links of London McLaren Launch

WHAT Links of London McLaren Launch
WHEN 12th April 2012
Sports meets Style '

Last week,  the press launch of our McLaren Sport by Links of Londoncollection at One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, London. McLaren Sport has teamed up with jeweller Links of London to create a small but intimate collection of men's jewellery and accessories that set out to capture the spirit of the Formula One cars.Timelessly elegant, the collection combines the structural aesthetic with innovative materials in their cars and is modeled by both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

The inspiration was inspired and carried by the Vodaphone McLaren Mercedes Formula One cars. You really can't go any wrong with that. The pure history, manufacture and the fusion of the hi-tech makes it the perfect inspiration.

The collection consist of Key Rings that double as USB sticks, dog tags and accessories designed for your iPad, chunky rings, bracelets and cufflinks referencing everything from the axis within the cars to the patented design of the screws

The range starts from £75 and is available from April 15, with leather goods launching later this spring.


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