12 April 2012

Custom made Dress Shirt

WHAT Custom made Dress Shirt
WHEN 12th April 2012
WHERE Tailor4less 

Custom made Dress Shirt '

When it comes to custom made shirts its always excites me. As a fashionmister I'm a shirt addict and own many but having a shirt custom made for your body size has always been a bonus. Im pretty tall so at 6'1 - 6.2 with my Fro :) I usually have to go a size bigger for shirts. If not most shirts tend to be a tad smaller by the arms and length which isn't ideal for me. At Tailor4less the name speaks for itself you really do tailor your suits, shirts and blazer according to the size and frame that fits you.

What interests me is the a tailoring background, they really do have the hottest tailors delivering that elegant shirt, suiting, outerwear and blazer. You ask how does it work? 
How does Tailor4Less work?

When you choose to go in for the shirt made to fit a person, you will have to give sizes in the collar, the shoulders, hands, sleeve size, upper body and duration. You can find the cloth, shade and pattern, the actual buttons, the actual receiver collar sort and every small variables that contributes to your finished whole. When you wear this kind of custom web design tailor made shirt made specifically for an individual, minimize and stitched perfectly, not only will you feel comfortable however general effect boosts no end, providing you with a distinctive look.
Check out my design with my initial 'PC', its slightly bright on this pics:

The site was so easy to use all you have to do is select the design, fabric, style and simply enter your sizes for accurate measurements. We all know every human is special but at the end of the day everyone wants to feel being special. At Tailor4less the shirts are a luxurious finish with a combo of colours designed to fit into any situation where a man wants to look good and still be comfortable and casual at the same time. These are certainly one super fashionable shirts for men that conveys a sense of style, pride and confidence in aspect of a man's life either at work or at play. Who knew that the trend of custom made products could bring contentment and happiness in one’s life! But it did!
A huge thank you to Rafael and team Tailor4less and to find out more please visit:


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