2 May 2012

Monkee Genes AW12 Collection

WHAT Zatchels Press Day
WHEN 2nd May 2012
'  Monkee Genes AW12 Collection '
Monkee Genes was born in 2006 out of the frustration and boredom of the Denim market, to offer something fresh vibrant and youthful. Over time the jeans have become more and more popular and with each season always delivering to surprise the customers.

Monkee Genes is a unique brand that offers a variety of apparel for men who want to flaunt a distinct sense of style. Monkee Genes is known to deliver the most fashionable men's chino apparel because of their excellent quality and stylish designs. Men's chino jeans were never the same when Monkee Genes entered the market.

Monkee Genes Chinos are the Way to Go!
 Monkee Genes chinos carry a unique trademark that allows you to stand out in a crowd. Get noticed as you rock the latest Monkee Genes chinos. Girls dig a guy that knows how to dress. Dress to impress as you wear the most fashionable clothes online. Mix and match clothes that fit your personality. You can be sure that there are clothes that fit your personality and the way you look.

Im so proud to say i've been supporting them from day one and will always continue. But my favourite has always been 'Skin' Fit style, which is the skinniest of all the styles available on their website. And I must say I'm genuinely very very impressed. These jeans use their 'Bamboo' fabric which is made from natural fibers known as Tencel (more sustainable than cotton), making them super soft.

Now check out the AW12 gorgeous collection and look book:

Can't wait to try them on! Woop.

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