14 May 2012

Swatch 2012 collection

WHAT Swatch colourful London collection
WHEN 9th May 2012
WHERE Online

'  Swatch 2012 collection '

Swatch presents a new colourful new collection of trend-setting. Throughout the years its continued to produce bold, affordable, colourful, trendy summer watch. The special London Watch we have created which will be launched in stores next week for tourists visiting London this summer and those who LOVE London! Swatch London, their remarkable colourful layout timepieces consist of the bestselling colours. The colourful sporty watches target on young 'cool' generations. Displaying slicing borders visual styles and attention-getting colours, Swatch timepieces experienced. A playful mixture of iconic images spells out “LONDON” across the silicone strap and dial, moving from an “L” through a flag and an orange sky over Tower Bridge.

Swatch Bicoloured Collection 

For summer 2012, the Swatch Bicoloured Collection is unleashed in eye-poppingly bright colours, designed to create high-impact and fiercely-modern style statements. This dazzling array of five Swatch Gent Originals is vibrant and vivacious. The clean, precise shapes of these gorgeous watches guarantee maximum fashionability and functionality for the sunny months ahead.

Swatch Touch Dances with Digital Time

Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch wraps digital time in colour with two new models in the up-to-the-minute Swatch Touch collection. The Swiss brand’s flair for eye-catching design leaps out at first glance: the new models feature sharp displays and splashy, self-confident colours. The first of the trend-wise pair is the sunny Swatch Touch Yellow the second the brilliant Swatch Touch Green.

 Swatch metallized

Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch catches the high-gloss metal wave with five sparkling, shiny, high-colour Gents Originals for the Metalized Collection. These fashionably cool and contemporary Gents cast an irresistible star-dust spell that can’t fail to catch every eye in the room.

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