18 October 2012

Shh.. Ted Baker & Prince Cassius little secret

Hey fashionistas and fashionmisters. I have a little secret to tell you but you'll have to wait just a few weeks...

Here's all I can show. Its TRULY exciting! Watch this space! FroLove x

17 October 2012

20 Years of DUNE

WHAT 20 Years of DUNE
WHEN 17th October 2012
WHERE online

20 Years of DUNE '

Fashionista's make sure you've entered dune competion and win a YEAR supply of shoes. 

I mean who wouldn't want that ;) on 4 days to go. 

Competition ends on Sunday 12pm. 


Who is MR HYDE? You ask?

WHAT Get ready for MR HYDE
WHEN 17th October 2012
WHERE online

ShortList is launching Mr Hyde which is going to be a daily email aimed at intelligent career focused men, created by a team of editors and journalists from ShortList.

Phil Hilton, Editorial Director of Shortlist Media, says: “Tightened economic times have meant longer hours and fiercely competitive career paths. Urban men with complicated lives are no longer content to retire to the nearest faceless chain pub or plough through uninspiring TV channels. They want targeted, informed recommendations that will enhance their all-too-brief windows of leisure.

“Mr Hyde is not a listing but an informed friend who always knows where to find the latest pop-up bar, the hottest new bourbon and where to buy the eye-enhancing cream to disguise the effects for that big meeting the next day. We aim to inspire, provoke, entertain and help these busy men maximise their free time.”
Mr Hyde has been through an exhaustive round of research and technical development over the past six months, with focus groups and online users testing beta versions of the email, allowing the editorial team to steadily develop and hone the concept. The service also builds on the successes of Emerald Street, the award-winning daily for stylish women that was launched in mid-2011 and has already gained more than 80,000 loyal subscribers.

Publisher of Mr Hyde is Olivia Smith. Olivia says: “Mr Hyde gives advertisers a slick, daily, upmarket environment through which to reach an ABC1 male audience. With a single, striking advertising opportunity every day, Mr Hyde will stand out from other advertising channels by offering a glossy magazine-style environment in a digital world. It is a unique combination of branding and interactivity."

Mr Hyde will begin publishing daily emails to registered members in late October.
 Pre-register is open at www.mrhyde.com from this week.
Can't wait!

Get ready for MR HYDE

WHAT Get ready for MR HYDE
WHEN 17th October 2012
WHERE online

Fashionmisters get ready for some exciting news. Tomorrow Shortlist launches Mr Hyde a new DIGITAL daily for time-pressed men, to debut in October.
Shortlist Media Limited, publisher of market-leading men’s lifestyle weekly magazine ShortList, today announces the upcoming launch of its new digital brand, Mr Hyde.

Mr Hyde is the new digital daily for intelligent, career-focused men, created by a team of editors and journalists from ShortList. It is a fast and precise email edit of the latest in culture and entertainment, the coolest new bars and restaurants and the best new style and grooming releases
 All you simply need to do is register before the midnight to receive weekly fashion tips and more. Mr Hyde covers the latest from Fashion, Lifestyle,  Cultural and entertainment, the coolest new bars and restaurants and the best new style and grooming. 


12 October 2012

Marks and Spencer week 3 Suit Challenge

WHAT Marks and Spencer week 3 Suit Challenge
WHEN 12th October 2012
WHERE online

' Marks and Spencer week 3 Suit Challenge '

 Happy FroDay fashionistas and Misters. So this week I've been asked to create another scenario using the tux.
" I'm a recent graduate and I've been invited to attend my first post-Uni interview for a creative job. We all know, making a good impression as soon as you walk through the door will help you to get your graduate interview off to a flying start. People tend to form an opinion of someone new within a few seconds of meeting, so you need to make sure your appearance works in your favour by dressing the part and presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Interview style tips for men
It's best to avoid goatees, stubble, long hair and full-on beards; the clean-shaven! Invest in a stylish trendy suit. Avoid something that doesn't fit well. Style the look with some great classic accessories such a watch, bow tie, pocket square, shoes or colourful socks.
Interview style tips for women
Keep make-up low-key and natural and make sure your clothes aren't too revealing (this includes wearing a shirt or blouse that is long enough to keep your midriff covered!). If you go for a skirt or a trousers make sure its a slim fit cut so that it elongates yours length. Bold colours is a must!! Ladies mix colours different blazers and trousers - remember you want to stand out and be remembered.
Final tip …
Prep your outfit in advance
You should feel comfortable and confident in your interview clothes; you shouldn't feel self-conscious. Make sure your clothes fit and are clean - check well in advance so you can make repairs. You don't have to forge a long-term commitment with your iron, but while you are attending interviews, make sure you wield it regularly! Small touches like a crisp shirt and clean shoes can really boost your confidence and help you feel the part.

Paris to meet Baptiste Giabiconi

WHAT Paris to meet Baptiste Giabiconi 
WHEN 12th October 2012
WHERE online

' Paris to meet Baptiste Giabiconi '

I few weeks ago, I was invited to Paris for the day by vente-privee.com. I was extremely luckily to be invited to the HQ to meet the entire department. On the day, I was picked up at Paris Nord by the amazing Sophia-helene one of my fabulous fashion blogger friend/ community manager for vente-privee.com.

I was taken to the HQ and shown around. To my knowledge I didn't know how incredibly huge the building was, the amount of employees and how extremely artistic the HQ was. Vente-privee.com is a well known French company operating in the international e-commerce market: it is a club that manages “sale events” during which users can buy every kind of product (clothing, design, hi-tech, toys and even tickets and travels) from top level brands, at bargain prices.

About vente-privee.com
World No.1, vente-privee.com pioneered the online sales event concept. Specialising in selling brand overstock since 2001, the online retailer organises exclusive events-based sales for its 14 million members. Featuring more than 1,450 major international brands, the website offers a wide range of product categories: from fashion to homeware, sports products to electronics. The members-only sales last from two to four days and, thanks to privileged partnerships with brands, offer irresistible discounts of up to 70%. With 1,400 employees in 8 countries.

One of the highlight during the day was Press were invited to a 5x hotel for champagne and to meet THE highest paid male model in the world "Baptiste Giabiconi'.

Press were delighted to meet Baptiste Giabicon who's stepping into the music industry by releasing his first album Oxygen which is released and exclusively sold through vente-privee.

Now Gaibiconi debuts as a singer with his first music video “One Night Out in Paris” already registering three million views. The album is a product of one year of working in London with Pete “Boxsta” Martin, who has also produced for Robbie Williams, and Missy Elliot. Explaining his decision to release Oxygen on vente-privee.com, Giabiconi said: “I am very close to my fans. They support me immensely and Vente-privee.com was just a logical step that allowed me to reach a larger audience. My wish is that people from all generations will listen to and enjoy my album.”

Follow vente-privee.com on Facebook (www.facebook.com/venteprivee.com.UK) and Twitter (@venteprivee_UK)

Thanks to team Vente Privee & Sophia for an incredible day! x

5 October 2012

M&S Suit challenge week 2

WHEN 5th October 2012
WHERE online

Happy  #FroDay fashionista's and Misters.
So as you all know i'm talking part on the suit challenge for M&S with some stylish bloggers. You all know I love classical looks but with an edge. The suits at M&S actually carters for every kind of man, from the slim fit, regular, average and even the wide chest fellas.

This week my challenge was to dress as im going for an interview at a corporate firm. Now I know what you're all thinking. That must be hard but actually power dress is rather attractive "just as long" as you've pulled a good look. 

Also to dress for a cooperage firm means - very FORMAL and boring. Now we all know i'm not gonna do that. I'll add my own twist of va va vum to it :). I'm wearing my Marks and Spencer dinner suit (above) i've layered it with a custom-made shirt. The rhinestones on the shirt actually costed £1.00 but the work took 6 hours to do ha! You'll need a ruler, iron and lots of patients.

I'm wearing my gorgeous tweed brogue herring shoes to give it the  luxurious feeling and quality of the brand with a small price tag attached.

I've finished the outfit my rolling the blazer and using a bright bag to make it more modern! Let me know you're thoughts. Have a fab weekend x


4 October 2012

Prince Cassius Judge on Russia's Next Top Model

I can't give away too much but check out the follow photos from Russia's Next Top Model and the AMAZING judges. More will be revealed soon - I promise!

Full video below

20 Years of Dune

WHAT Calling all shoe lovers 20 Years of Dune
WHEN 4th October 2012
WHERE online
' Calling all shoe lovers
 20 Years of Dune '

Fashionista's to celebrate 20 years of stylishness from Dune. 
Dune are offering a chance to make one special person dreams come true by offering them a years worth of dune shoes (worth £1,000)

Don't miss this stylish and incredible opportunity to bag yourself lots of hot shoes. All you have to do to enter is upload a stylish picture of you're favourite dune memory along with a caption for a chance to WIN big! Click on the link above!

Right, get set and go ..... P.s I'm honored to be one of the judging panel so I'm looking for excellent delivery and of course style :)

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