28 September 2012

Marks and Spencer suit Challenge

WHAT Marks and Spencer suit Challenge
WHEN 28th September 2012
WHERE online

Finding a great suit for an interview will feel like a suit of armor – it gives you a whole different level of swagger. Nothing makes me feel more like a confident man when you've located a suit that you can wear all day, to an interview, or whatever the occasion.

A suit is kind of a big purchase for a man, so this means you need to know as much as you can about choosing the right one before shopping. Otherwise, you may end up with a suit that won’t look or feel right, and end up in your closet rack for decades without use.

Marks and Spencer have designed 4 types of suits, the Autograph collection, Collezione (inspired by Italy), Limited collection and Sartorial suits. Different types of suits to appeal to different types of men. 

On this challenge, i'm actually wearing a dinner suits and the scenario is going to an interview. I've played around with my entire outfit to distract you from thinking its a dinner suits. Firstly by layering, using a shirt, jumper and tie to distract you. Then having a pocket square and rolled up trousers and a folder.

I believe suits have completely changed the last years, its no longer dull but playful. I know some of you would be thinking no socks to an interview? I'd say YES! Wear a nice pair of velvet slippers or loafers to give it that modern edgy style. Change the look by adding a pocket square and a folder to spice up the look. 

Finally, I have to say i've never ever worn a marks and spencer suits and i'll be going back for more (for sure). So fashionmisters and fashionistar's tell me what you think?

FroLove! xx

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