28 May 2013

Hanro of Switzerland Press Preview

WHAT Hanro of Switzerland Press Preview
WHEN 28th May 2013
WHERE Online

Recently, I discovered a new lounge brand that I instantly fell in love with 'Hanro of Switzerland

The History: 

Hanro is a popular lounge wear brand that has been around since 1884 but the mark was registered in 1913. In 1884, the knitting factory in the Swiss Liestal is founded by Albert Handschin. His vision was: 
wash natural fiber that is soft and comfortable to wear - for the elegant modern woman. 1913  HANRO the mark was registered, which is the name of Albert Handschin and his business partner Carl Ronus composed. Ever since it has had a history that has shaped the future of innovation.  Natural fibers were difficult to obtain in the throes of depression and war. The HANRO Collections presented by short-term partially on artificial silk. With elegant night gowns and robes HANRO justifies his renown in women of the world.
In the early 1930's the glamour of Hollywood Divas reflected in the lingerie collections. Seductive, 
form-fitting lace creations celebrated the newly discovered womanhood. The most well know image everyone knows is the Marilyn Monroe “skirt” scene and I'm proud to say she was wearing Hanro. 

The Experience:
The first time I wore my HANRO lounge wear I was amazed with the softness and airiness of the fabrics.
The quality can be felt immediately from its premium to the finest grade of softness. Fashionisters and Fashionmisters I tell you now, Hanro is one of those finest quality brands that once you but a piece you'll have it for years. From its finest cashmere, knitwear to its gorgeous lace bras.
To me, Hanro stands on its own for its top quality, exquisite materials and has history 
written. I'm delighted to have discovered such a brand with history and innovation.  Also If there is one thing everyone really needs its lounge wear. This can be the perfect gift for that special someone, or the perfect gift for yourself as everyone deserves a little luxury in their lives.  Check out the photos below: 

 Find more lounge pieces can be found at:

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