12 June 2014

A Guy, his 'Fro and the Beautiful Island of Malta

WHEN 12th of June 2014
' Experience Malta in Style: Day 1

Last month, end of May I was invited by the wonderful Essence Communication (merged with Surgery Group) and Malta Tourism Authority for a bloggers press trip to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. I’ve returned from an educational trip to Malta with my fellow new friends and I regret to say it simply was not enough.  Although Malta is a very small island you need at least a week to make the most of all it has to offer, its so incredible.

The blog trip had to be one of the biggest I've ever come across with 30 other international bloggers across Europe.

Most of you know reading my tweets and watching my Instagram that I've had such a priceless and memorable experience in Malta that I'm gonna do my best to put this all in writing. When landed at 1am at Malta airport, I met me fellow Brit bloggers who I've come to love Andrea, James, Alicja, Niran then on arrival at Excelsior Hotel we were served with fresh juice to welcome us and taken to our room with incrediable views. 

We started the day at 8.30 with a full day of tour with the lovely Yvette. Who took us to our first destination Horse Riding at Bidnija which was a real treat. I was left with two options either wear a hat and mess up the fro or keep it cute and keep it moving ;) you all probably know what I ended up doing and that was to tag along and enjoy the horses from a distance. That wasn't as bad as you think, I had the treat of enjoying the island view from on top. 

We were then taken to one of my favourite cities Mdina. Nicknamed the “silent city” Mdina and Rabat sits stately on the rocky hillside. The seat of government for hundreds of years, this historic walled city has played a critical role in the existence of Malta for centuries. The main square is dominated by the St. Paul’s Cathedral, made famous for its priceless frescoes including a very detailed painting of the shipwreck of St. Paul. Outside the walled city of Mdina lies the village of Rabat. 

Lunch with my lovely new friends - Team UK & Team Germany

Me, Andrea, Alija, Niran and James (heart) 
After a busy day we were then treated to some divine lunch then the BEST fun I've ever had with some Segways. All the international bloggers French and Italian had arrived and we met before the sunset and whisked off to the sunset and Dingli Cliffs which was MAGICAL.

  We were then taken back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the opening party which was held back at Excelsior Hotel with the Excelsior team.

 ... Continuation (Day 2) 


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