12 June 2014

Comino Island & Gozo: Day 2

WHEN 12th of June 2014

A very early start gave us 3 full days in Malta and I regret to say it simply was not enough.  As the purpose of our trip was to see as much as possible our time was rather jam packed. So after a busy first day in Malta, I woke up fresh and excited for a new day to begin. We took a day trip on a two boats departing from Tunny Net Mellieha to Comino island, the Comino caves and Blue Lagoon. Such a breathtaking view and experience.

We arrived at Blue Lagoon for some swimming. We came to a beach like no place before a true definition of Maltese landscapes with soft warm sands, clear blue ocean it was so beautiful that everyone stopped for a second to take it all in. Gozo is a slightly smaller island than Malta where the Maltese like to go there for the weekends. You can get there by taking a ferry that goes between Malta and Gozo. 


Blue Lagoon Gonzo (pic by Andrea)

Andrea my girl! ;)
If you’re looking for a unique experience in Europe, then the island nation of Malta has a big reputation for providing unique experiences to international tourists. The island is filled with rich divine history, religion, tradition, culture, food, warm weather and not to forget the political sites  this island nation has captured the imagination of visitors for hundreds of years. With plenty to see and do, a trip to Malta in my eyes is a place to visit, experience and to remember.

For lunch we arrived to Ta Mena Estate for traditional food cooking competition. The competition saw five teams competing for the best tasting dish which was judged by the fantastic Chef George - author of the cookery book 'The Gonzo Table'  
 The cooking was such a wonderful experience for the team to bond individually and together. I was so proud of everyone although it was day 2 we all felt connected - I mean we were cooking each other food and dishes. Team UK were just magnificent because we cooked one of the most tastiest dishes "Chicken and Beef/ Chicken and Pork" with potatoes and the sweetest salad in Maltese "Tigiega Biz-zalzeh Malti" already feeling hungry.

Team UK proud of our Chicken and Cooking

 I really grew fond of the Maltese people, first of all because they're really nice people (and I don't say that just because I know they'll read this) but also because they tell you what there is to see/visit/eat... and also what to avoid which wasn't much. 

I would definitely recommend Malta to a variety of different clients as it truly versatile – far more so than you’d expect! I didn’t realize that is it actually the SECOND safest country in Europe which is a fantastic bonus. 

Before I went I thought it was probably better suited to older clients but it is actually fine for all ages. Nightlife on the island is great as there is a selection of nightclubs and bars. All in all there is something for everyone, whether you’re into history, food, spa treatments or just a bit of relaxation in the sun. On top of all this you can fly to Malta from 18 different UK airports and it only takes about 3-3.5 hours in flying time.

                                                                                                              ... Continuation (Day 3/4) 


  1. I do hope you manage to return to Malta sometime. each year I tell my family 1 week is not enough and each year I come for 2 weeks (sometimes twice). You may find it hard to believe but I learn something new each year.

    1. I certainly will :) Malta is my home now.

      Yes it has so much to offer, I bet even the locals discover new things each time. x

  2. You look amazing and the scenery is just magnificent. Now i'm convinced to go.

  3. My Husband birthday coming up and I think I've just found what am looking for. xx


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