25 March 2014

Sunita Mukhi Bespoke Bags


WHAT Sunita Mukhi Bespoke Service
WHEN  25th March 2014
WHERE Online

Sunita Mukhi's collection launched to critical acclaim in 2011. Opulence and luxury are exerted from these classically reworked designs in exotic fabrics, each one brought alive with colour designed to inject both fun and vibrancy to your look. Recognised for the signature embellished Evil Eye collection, Sunita Mukhi bags are created as an heirloom, something every woman will be proud to pass from one generation to the next.

From an early age Sunita had an eye for detail and a love of colour. Born to Indian parents in Malta, the sumptuous fabrics and iridescent hues thrive in her inspiration from memories of her family's textile store. Whereas the exotic fabrics she was exposed to while living in West Africa opened her eyes to a whole new world of deluxe textures.

With the success of her bags she's now offering a bespoke bags to her customers. Each piece is especially for you. Whether you're marking a special occasion or just showing you care, create something meaningful today. 

Its all catered to you, picking the clutch shape, the background colours, the crystal colours to the fonts. The varieties of clutches made reflects the customer and we all know Sunita Muhki only uses the best materials & fabrics. 

So what are you waiting for? A bespoke clutch would be ideal for any occasion especially for Ladies Day at the Grand National.


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