10 May 2014

Met Gala Best and Worst Dressed

WHAT Met Gala Best and Worst Dressed
WHEN  10th May 2014
WHERE  Online

The Best Above: 
(L-R) Victoria Beckham kept it classy in her own cream design while Becks in Ralph Lauren.  Queen B wore a sheer sequinned black Givenchy wrap dress  and Jay-Z’s spotted in a white tux. Blake was in pink sequinned Gucci dress 40's glamour with waves and Ryan Reynolds looked dapper in a tux. These three power couples were certainly my favourite.
The Met Gala is one of the most astronomically immense fashion events of the year. But some of the A-list attendees didn't manage to impress or to some completely had some wardrobe malfunction. Here are my Best, the Disappointing and the Worst dressed.
The Disappointing:
disapI was really really disappointed with the following trends especially coming from such high profiles with the best stylist in the world. Lets start with Kendall Jenner in a very pale pink corseted fishtail bespoke dress by Topshop this was too old for her and the colour wasn't complimenting to her whatsoever. I was beyond disappointed with my girl Lupita in a chain mail Prada dress with nude bodysuit. This wasn't Hollywood glamour and certainly a wrong outfit to wear for the Met Gala. Kim looked pretty in her teal Lanvin dress which suited her colouring but wasn't anything exciting. I must say its an upgrade from what she wore last time. Lets not forget that.
The Worse: 
Not much to say but a picture speaks a thousand words. These three ladies are certainly the worst dressed. From Rita Ora in Donna Karen sequinned silk tulle gown and gold lace boot combo fell flat. Just a NO NO. Kate Upton also suffered a style slip-up in her corsetted black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown. But Katie Holmes takes the crown for the worst dress ever seen. What we you thinking? 
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