12 May 2014

Usine Des Fous Bow Ties

WHAT Dapper Dickie - Usine Des Fous
WHEN  12th May 2014
WHERE  Online

I'm currently loving these Dapper Bow ties from new Brand Usine Des Fous based in Italy. The romance associated with harvesting of grapes (and its philological link to the philosophy of vintage fashion) is the inspiration of the L’Avantage de la Vendange, Usine des Fous Winter/Spring 2014 collection.

This stunning and colourful first collection of bow ties, from new and emerging “Made in Italy” label Usine des Fous, are made from fine, beautiful old fabrics from the 60’s and 70’s, mixed with new ones, (inspired by the vintage fabrics).

Bespoke Usine des Fous’s love and overall philosophy is based around the uniqueness of its creations. Made from unused products/raw materials, and available in limited editions, you will never experience having two identical pieces.

Start your swagger adventure at www.usinedesfous.com, with L’Avantage de la Vendange.

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