29 June 2014

Kim Kardashian Fragrance Launch

I was delighted to attend the UK Fragrance press launch by Kim Kardashinan. The event was held at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel. London was whipped into a Kim Karsdashian frenzy yesterday as the starlet hit the capital to launch her new fragrance. 

Kardashian perfume is one of the most popular fragrance lines for women of all ages.  As with all perfume lines, the best deals are found by shopping online.  Kim’s popular fragrances are affordable and yet very comparable to some of the high-end perfume lines that cost £50 or more.

Lunching 8th June 2011 exclusively at Debenhams 
Available from July 2011 at all leading retailers

28 June 2014

Summer Read: "I Used to be in Pictures an untold story of Hollywood"

WHAT I Used to be in Pictures an untold story of Hollywood 
WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

I would highly recommend you guys to read and check out ' I Used to Be in Pictures: An Untold Story of Hollywood'. The book offers fans a healthy sampling of the correspondence the Mewes Brothers have had over the past nearly 30 years with some of the most celebrated and iconic film stars from the silent and 'golden' era of film-making. It gives you a personal insight of how the stars experienced the rise and the fall of their careers, while handing out outrageously funny anecdotes. Such a fabulous book! Wonderfully written funny, superb photos but gives you a heartfelt stories of the beautiful people of the yesteryear, this is truly an amazing piece of art. Must must BUY!! 

1. How did your passion for cinema begin?

HOWARD: from a very young age Howard and I would visit our Grandmother at her house closeby to where we lived with our parents and older sister Rowena on Saturday’s. During the winter when we couldn’t get in the garden because of bad weather we would  be indoors - one day our Grandmother suggested we watch a film. It was black and white - we caught the 'film bug'! - We were 11 or just 12.

AUSTIN: it wasn't a modern TV of course, it was ancient. she would switch it on and we'd have to wait for the TV to start - when I think back it was all very cosy, sat in front of the old TV, with her coal fire burning brightly eating home-made cakes and the films, these old films, films our friends at school didn't watch completely transfixed us both

 2. Do you remember the first movie you ever saw? What was it about? Who was the director?

AUSTIN: Howard says Way Down East – I think it was Between Two Worlds with John Garfield and Eleanor Parker – however it certainly was the very idea of a film (Way Down East directed by DW Griffith) with no dialogue that amused us, amazed us and got us hooked!

HOWARD: the plot of Way Down East centres on a rather naive country girl who is tricked into a sham marriage by a wealthy womanizer, who has to rebuild her life despite the taint of having given birth to a child out of wedlock. Although remade since, the Griffith version is the most compelling – maybe the acting/the performance magnified because they had to make up for the fact the film was silent? The exciting climax in which Lillian Gish's character is rescued by Barthlemess from doom on an icy river just as she is about to meet her end over the edge of a waterfall is astounding -

 3. How did you develop the interest to that certain kind of cinema? How old were you?

AUSTIN: We were around 12/13 years of age – the BBC and documentary filmmakers/producers like Kevin Brownlow and David Gill were during the 1980s, educating people on what came before with documentaries like Hollywood and The Third Genius about comedian Harold Lloyd (who we adored and found SO funny! I have sat and watched on YouTube Laurel & Hardy and Harold Lloyd with my five year old son Nathan and I love to see him laugh – their comedy simply timeless, all-inclusive...)

HOWARD: Silent film is the only period of film history where one can trace the beginning the middle and the end – and that alone fascinated us. It’s funny as many of the stars Howard and I got to know from the 1920s would tell us that the films were never completely silent. Patsy Ruth Miller who starred in the original version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame said, “We would open or mouths and words came out it was just the technology back then couldn’t detect it – there were ‘cards’ with lines of dialogue shown throughout the films to inform the audience of what was going on but most importantly the musical that accompanied the films played in the cinemas by men and women on great organs gave the actors their voices, providing the mood and the setting.

 4. Who did you write your first letter to?

AUSTIN: The first film star we wrote to was Lillian Gish in 1984/85 – because of the ages of those silent stars that’d survived into the 1980s we used to write up to 25 letters a week! The letter writing snowballed as The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences provided us with address of their long-retired members, the stars themselves gave us address of their former film star friends and enthusiasts like Richard Lamparki and Kevin Brownlow fascinated by our interest at such a young age saw fit to share contact information and addresses.

HOWARD: I think we wrote many more than that in a single week! I feel so privileged just to have written to some of the actors who I loved to watch in movies screened by the BBC or Chanel 4 on TV – Katharine Hepburn, Pola Negri, Tab Hunter, Robert Mitchum, Madge Bellamy... and the fact some became friends is fantastic.
Bette Davis_portrait publicity still Warner Brothers 1939 signed to Austin and Howard

Douglas Fairbanks Jr on the beach with his trusty dog Santa Monica 1933 signed
Esther Muir with Groucho Marx scene still A Day at the Races (1937) signed to Austin and Howard

William Bakewell portrait signed

Available to buy from Amazon 

Osiris New Range Launch

WHAT Osiris launch
WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

Meet the Man behind the Glasses, the Danish designer Jørgen Simonsen has worked at some of the world’s leading fashion houses including Chanel, Givenchy and Versace, he has found himself dressing the likes of Madonna and Nicole Kidman among a host of A-list stars.

One of his most memorable designs, which is still talked about today, is the jungle-print plunging see-through gown boldly worn by Jennifer Lopez for her show-stopping entrance to the Grammy Awards in 2000.

Jørgen prides himself in his ability to make radical fashion statements and to get people talking, and he now returns to collaborate with longstanding international eyewear brand, Osiris. After the success of the first range, which he released with Osiris last year, he returns with a refreshed range of vibrant and unique styles. This updated selection will see ‘yesterday meet today’ in a combination of modern and retro influences.  

I had the pleasure to be invited to a seat in dinner with Jørgen and a few fellow bloggers such as Diary of a clotheshorse, frumpy to Funky and Boy meets Fashion. The dinner took place at Soho Hotel where we had the exclusive preview of the new range of Osiris glasses is available from 2nd July 2014 for £125, exclusively at Specsavers. The range created for Specsavers features bold eye glass collection, combinations of bold colors and patterns with contemporary detail and modern silhouettes.

Bloggers Dinner with BoyMeetsFashion, Diaryofaclotheshorse, Me, Frumpytofunky

Heaven Sent by Deborah Mitchell

WHAT Heaven by Deborah Mitchell - Organic Skin Care
WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

I'm not one to review beauty brands but I've discovered a new beauty brand that works miracles and I have to share it. Heaven by Deborah Mitchell' is the exclusive range of award winning skin care and beauty products for men and women created personally by Beauty Specialist, Deborah Mitchell. Using the best that nature has to offer, combined with the latest thinking in beauty technology, this wonderful all-natural, organic range of products, skin and body treatments offer you the potent power of nature, and a unique approach to looking after your skin.

During her twenty five years experience as a hands on beauty therapist, Deborah developed a completely unique approach to looking after the skin, and built extensive knowledge of many ancient herbal remedies. Unlike most popular skin care programmes, Heaven products add moisture, not simply more oil. This plumps out skin cells, making the complexion more lustrous and youthful, and Deborah's unique approach to skin care has been proven to help skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily and blemished skin.

Heaven products are completely organic and accredited by the Soil Association. They are vegan friendly and have all gone through stringent tests, sometimes for many years. Use Heaven's all-natural organic range of products and you will see spots and blemishes improve while you retain a youthful complexion. You'll feel the difference immediately, but after a few days, the results on your complexion are remarkable.

Acclaimed by many celebrities and even royalty, the Heaven range includes everything you need to take care of your skin from top to toe and there's a fabulous range of Gift Sets for Him and Her that offer a wonderful treat for someone special.

More products available on:



Superdry x BFC- LCM Opening Party

Images courtesy of Getty Images (David M. Benett)

WHAT Superdry x BFC- LCM Opening Party
WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

Superdry showcased its AW14 range in an all-out event at London Collections: Men, revealing the brand’s most diverse collection to date. The show was truly spectacular and having front row seat made things even better.

 The evening was held at Ewer Street Arches, SE1 0UE and marked Superdry’s return to the bi-annual event, this time to showcase both men’s and women’s attire. 
  Summer must-have flooded the catwalk in key SS15 looks ranging from swim shorts, the odd surfboard even making an appearance, denim shorts, bright jersey, summer whites, denims and plaids played a key part. 

Celebrities attendies included David Gandy, Mark Ronson (DJ) who was wearing Superdry Tailoring) David Gandy, Jesse Metcalfe (wearing Superdry Tailoring), Robert Konjic, Faithless. FOOD & DRINK were flowing all night with Bespoke cocktails, Asahi Beer, Pizza and Lobster Rolls.

Jaime (Image from Boymeetsfashion)
Thanks for a fabulous show team Superdry and Modus PR. 

Can't wait to get my hands on those summer must have pieces.


Fabulous FABLOU

WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

Let me introduce a fabulous brand known as FABLOU. FABLOUS is a London based brand with its heart set to create truly unique, modern and eco-friendly handbags for today's busy gals. Founded in 2012 by Justina Florek, Fablou offers durable, functional tote bags available in a range of vibrant colours. 

The bags are sleek and minimalistic dressed up in strong, vivid colours. Fablou bags are ethically produced using highest quality silicone. Never before silicone has been used to make fashion handbags. Silicone is made from silica - one of the world's most plentiful natural elements. It is absolutely free from any toxic or allergenic substances. Silicone is a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastic materials. 

Fablou bags can withstand all extremes! They can’t be scratched or stained. They are water-resistant and very easy to clean. They will always stay in shape and keep their gorgeous colours! So go and get it girls before they run out :)

 Fablou bags are priced at £60 available online


Introducing Bobbies

WHAT Introducing Bobbies
WHEN  28th June 2014
WHERE  Online

 Let me introduce you to Bobbies, the Parisian footwear brand Bobbies has just opened a year-long pop up boutique in Covent Garden, bringing its cult loafers to the UK for the first time. Bobbies are known for bringing colour into life and promises a vibrant and joyful experience.  Established in 2010, the Parisian brand offers a unique take on the iconic driver loafer.

The combination of bright colours, original details and energetic designs make this loafer a quintessential must have. Today, Bobbies reinvents not only the classic loafer, but desert boots, ballet flats and slippers with its own unique touch. The Bobbies brand brings a classy and refreshed approach on various styles of shoes.

Check out my favourite colours and must have for Spring and Summer '14

Wearing my light blue Bobbies Loafer available online (image courtesy of Contact music)

If your in the Covent Garden area make sure you pop in and check out the colourful store.


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