9 June 2014

Introducing CHAVIN Jewellery

Managing Director of Chavin (Simon Ogilvie Harris) and Rosanna Falconer
WHAT Introducing CHAVIN Jewellery
WHEN  10th June 2014
WHERE  Online

Last week, I was invited by a dear friend Henry Conway to attend jewellery brand, Chavin which hosted a charity event at Mahiki, where they managed to raise over £1000 for SOS Children’s Luz Y Vida project.  

Rosanna Falconer & Henry-Conway

Yours truly PC (Photographs by MARCUS DAWES)

The brand, which focuses on raising money for key humanitarian projects in Peru, also gained new accounts at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham in February where it showcased its SS14 pieces.  Chavin fuses the mythology and craftsmanship of Peruvian culture with elegant interpretations by modern, freethinking designers. The result is quality crafted, powerfully feminine and long-lasting jewellery.

Circular Jaguar Head Filigree Bracelet
Jaguar Head Filigree Bracelet
Jaguar Head Filigree Pendant

Inspired by Myth

Our inspiration springs from the ancient Peruvian civilisation of Chavin. The Chavinian culture was renowned for its advance metallurgy skills and craftsmanship, producing beautiful and intricate precious metal work. It represented the first widespread, recognisable artistic style in the Andes and laid the foundations for later Peruvian civilisations. The colours, symbols and craftsmanship of our jewellery is charged with this rich culture - meaning not only is it eye-catching, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Made with Integrity

Modern female consumers don´t want to choose between ethics and aesthetics. They want both, and both are built into the business model and heart of Chavin. Every time you buy a piece of Chavin jewellery you are making a difference to the Peruvian people. We have partnered with the charity SOS Children to support its family strengthening programme in the community centre ‘Luz y Vida’ in Lima, Peru. 

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