20 July 2014

Preppy Bracelets from Beadstheater


WHAT Introducing Beadstheater Bracelets
WHEN  21st July 2014
WHERE  Online

This summer preppy men's bracelet are a must as an accessories and I've found a brand that caters for all. 
I recently came across a fabulous bracelets which are awesome and I am loving the preppy Anchor bracelet trend. The term such as ‘mewellery’ is becoming popular and popular. Throughout this year we have seen bracelets take off and develop into a go-to accessory for style-conscious men. However, one bracelet style is currently head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of popularity: the beaded bracelet.The anchor bracelet are a hand woven by me with waxed nylon cord and one brass anchor. The bracelet closure is adjustable with a loop and a knot around the anchor. Ideal for both women and men to wear alone or combined with other bracelet. 


Beadstheater have such a selection that they offer versatility to adapt to a wide variety of looks. For example, the nautical preppy bracelet beads will give smart, tailored outfits an edge whilst dark & browns versions offer a natural, outdoors charm to heritage ensembles.




So there we have it, proof that bracelets can be a stylish, considered accessory choice for the modern gent. 
To purchase the awesome bracelets please click below:



1 comment:

  1. My two year old loves jewelry, so we're making one of these together. She is so excited!


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