10 July 2014

The Daniel Wellington Experience


WHAT The Daniel Wellington Experience
WHEN  10th July 2014
WHERE  Online

Recently, I was scouting for a watch that I felt would represent me. The saying " You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes".  More importantly you can, by his watch. I was overwhelmed when i found a spectacular brand called " Daniel Wellington" that I had to share with you. 

 Men's watches are often underrated accessories. They have become more than just instruments to tell time, they are reflections of one's personality. A quality watch is the quickest way of emitting a confident, successful image and are the ultimate symbol of style and sophistication. What I 've loved more are the colours, the use of stripes, regimental and the distinctive preppy it offers to make you feel and look your absolutely best.  To me, Daniel Wellington undoubtedly make the list for fusing preppy style with a sleek dress watch silhouette at the right price. The watch is Slim, subtle, refined an ideal new watch aesthetic for this new decade. 

Who is Daniel Wellington? The story behind the brand...
 The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington, met an intriguing gentleman from the British Isles. The man had the inspiring ability to be gentlemanly but still relaxed and unpretentious. He had an impeccable style, and loved to wear his Rolex on old weathered Nato straps. His name? Well, Daniel Wellington, of course. A strong friendship emerged between the two, and our founder was inspired not only by the mans many great life stories but also by his class and timeless style of fashion. As we now know, he was so inspired that he decided to name his line of watches after him. We believe that we’ve managed to capture a bit of Daniel and his style in the Daniel Wellington watch range. 

The Daniel Wellington Watch 
The “preppy” trend is bigger than ever before. And while there are many big players in the fash- ion industry that caters to preppy needs, such as Ralph Lauren, Gant and Brooks Brothers, we felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing. We believe that Daniel Wellington fills that gap. The vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. 


 I love it so much that currently I wear it daily. I believe Daniel Wellington watches are a huge reflection to ones personality with style. Daniel Wellington’s watches are one such breed. 

To purchase and see more styles please click below:



  1. Such BEAUTIFUL watches. It's my husband birthday in a few weeks and I think these babies would be the Perfect gift for a 45 year old man.

    Thank you again. Beautiful reading.

    I need them in my life immediately. Can you buy it from any stores in Dubai?

  3. Great review Mr Cassius. I'm purchasing them right this minute.

  4. I love this watch! Is so classy and elegant, perfect for all styles!


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