17 August 2014

Jay Z Gold

WHAT Jay Z Gold
WHEN  17th August 2014
WHERE  Online

I recently attending SAS & Company fragrance press day and discovered the likes of Jay Z & Rihanna & Alford & Hoff and many more. The press day was held at Bitter Sweet in the trendy heart of Soho, the chic cocktail bar was transformed into a fragrance haven. While browsing I spotted Jay Z Gold, I came just on time to discover the the fragrance for the first time. 


    A young and hip smelling fragrance for men, not “musty”. Great fragrance for the evening out as it draws compliment.  
                                        It has a refreshing scent (I know you Fashionmisters would love)

          I would describe it as sensual & fresh and long-lasting and it can be used in tiny amounts for the best results.
                      In short, the fragrance's more prominent notes.    
                 Top: Ginger, Grapefruit, Blueberry, Cardamom
                      Middle: Vetiver, Pink pepper, Lavender, Violet leaf
        Base: Amber, Teak wood, Vanilla, Myrrh

                      I would highly recommend this to a friend. Ideal time to wear during the evening / after six fragrance.

      The bottle is very simple with most of the attention on the lid. The lid is very reminiscent of ushers fragrance tops.


Jay Z Gold can be bought in all Superdrug Nationwide from £25-55 with a free gift set


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