12 June 2014

Launch of Rowing Blazer Book Launch by Jack Carlson in Ralph Lauren

WHAT Rowing Blazer by Jack Carlson
WHEN  10th June 2014
WHERE  Online

I had to attend the launch of Rowing Blazer and support a dear friend of mine by Jack Carlson.  Jack has been working on this amazing book for a few years now and last week the outcome of support was spectacular. The event also raised £470.25 for the Henley Royal Regatta Stewards' Charitable Trust.

ROWING BLAZERS, the monumental new book by Jack Carlson, featuring original photographs by F.E. Castleberry and others, looks at the authentic striped, piped, trimmed and badged blazers still worn by oarsmen and -women around the world today, and at the elite athletes, esoteric traditions, prestigious institutions and historic races associated with them. 

ROWING BLAZERS is published by Vendome Press and Thames & Hudson and will be released in July 2014 in Europe and in September 2014 in the US, just in time for the 175th Henley Royal Regatta and the 50th Head of the Charles Regatta. 

Make sure you get a copy here!!

Congrats again Jack!

Photos by Boy Meets Fashion & Steve Finn

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